OnePlus 7T Price SLASHED (Reason? OnePlus 8 Launch)

The OnePlus 7T has always been priced aggressively but I woke up today and saw that it is now even cheaper – like way cheaper! The OnePlus 7T is one heck of a phone. It looks great, performs brilliantly, and is kitted out with spec that’d make the iPhone 11…

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Can iPhones Get Viruses? The Reality of iPhone Hacks & Exploits

iPhone hack? It’s not something you hear about very often but it does happen and as you’ll see below they can be rather serious too! We’re used to hearing about viruses on Windows PCs, Android smartphones, and even the occasional rare one for the Mac, but do iPhones get viruses?…

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iPhone X Dimensions Make It The #1 Most Portable OLED iPhone

If you’re looking for a modern iPhone with an OLED display that isn’t too big, the iPhone X, with its svelte dimensions, could be just what you’re after… The iPhone X was something of a game-changer for Apple. Not only did it do away with TouchID and the home button…

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