OnePlus just launched the latest Nord series smartphone, but can you buy it in the US? Let’s find out. 


  • OnePlus Nord 3 is not available in the US: OnePlus only launched OnePlus Nord 3 in Europe and India. 
  • The US only gets Nord N series phones: Nord series phones usually don’t launch here; only the Nord N series phones are available in the US.
  • Nord 3 might come to the US unofficially: Even though the OnePlus has elected not to launch the phone in the US, we can expect the phone to come to the US unofficially via Amazon. 

Is OnePlus Nord 3 Available In The US?

No, OnePlus Nord 3 isn’t available in the US. OnePlus USA did not launch the device in the US market, while European and Indian markets got it. 

This is not surprising news for long-time OnePlus fans waiting for the predecessors of this phone, OnePlus Nord, OnePlus Nord 2, and OnePlus Nord 2T. All three phones did not launch in the US, but other Nord phones have. 

The brand might not launch the phone anytime, as its predecessors didn’t make it to the US shores. 

Only The OnePlus Nord N Series Of Devices Are Available In The US 

If you look at the OnePlus US website, only the Nord N series is listed, whereas the OnePlus websites in other regions clearly list the Nord series. 

That’s because OnePlus is only focused on the OnePlus Nord N series in the US market, and the Nord N series is exclusively available only in the US. 

The brand recently launched OnePlus Nord N30 in the country, but it was a rebranded OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite from the global market. If there’s any hope to see OnePlus Nord 3 on the US shores, it would be by a similar rebadging to the Nord N series.

We Might Get The Phone Unofficially

Even though OnePlus hasn’t officially launched the OnePlus Nord 3 in the US, we might get to buy the phone from Amazon unofficially. 

If you search for OnePlus Nord 2T or OnePlus Nord 2 on Amazon, you’ll see the listing for the device, and you can actually buy them. 

But there’s a catch; the phone doesn’t have a manufacturer’s warranty. That is, you won’t be able to get official support from OnePlus if anything happens to the device. 

These devices are sourced by sellers from Europe or India, where the device is available and sold in the US without official support from OnePlus. These devices usually get support from the seller’s side for 30 days. 

As OnePlus Nord 3 just got released in the global market, these unofficial listings might take some time to go live. If you still want to get a OnePlus Nord 3, wait until the phone’s available on Amazon! 

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