iPhone SE 3 Release Date & Specs: What We Want To See…

Will Apple update the iPhone SE 2020 in 2021? Possibly – here’s all the latest news and leaks, plus what we’d like to see… The iPhone SE 2020 launched in 2020. It was the cheapest iPhone Apple has ever created. Reviews were generally positive and sales have been pretty decent, even with Apple’s iPhone 12 […]

iPhone 12 Mini Review: 2020's #1 Small Phone. Period

The iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest iPhone Apple has made since the original iPhone SE. But is it any good? Check out Damien’s iPhone 12 Mini review below and find out… iPhone 12 Mini Review: Verdict If you’re sick of the current trend for massive phones, then you’ll want to give the iPhone 12 […]

Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Buy A New ARM-based M1 Mac

Apple has finally unveiled its new M1 ARM-based chip. This week the company officially released THREE new Macs with said chip: the Mac mini, the MacBook Air, and the 13in MacBook Pro. The official launch of the M1 ARM-based Mac is a monumental shift in the company’s history. For over 15 years Apple has used […]

ARM-Based M1 Macs: New MacBooks & The Mac Mini RETURNS...

For years there had been persistent rumors that Apple was going to transition the Mac to chips based on the A-series used in iPhone and iPads. In June, Apple finally confirmed those rumors, announcing the Mac was moving to ARM-based chipsets. And as of this week, Apple introduced the first Macs using that ARM-base chip, […]

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10 Amazing Facts About The Nokia 3310 (AKA The Brick Phone)

The Nokia brick phone – AKA the Nokia 3310 – was one of the most popular mobile phones ever created – here are 10 cool facts about the Nokia 3310… The Nokia 3310 was one of the most used, most loved mobile phones of all time. Created by Nokia, the Nokia 3310 essentially redefined the […]

Uncall Review: The Ultimate Spam Call-Blocking Service

Hate getting random calls from salespeople, spammers, and annoying injury claims companies? Uncall is here to help – and it works great! Uncall Review | Verdict | 92% – VIEW PLANS Uncall Pros: Simple To Set Up Works From Day One Available For iPhone & Android Protects Your Phone Number From Hackers Removes Your Phone Number […]

PureVPN Black Friday Deal: HUGE 85% Saving Available…

PureVPN has some KILLER Black Friday sales – now’s the time to get a VPN if you don’t have one… PureVPN has confirmed its Black Friday deals already. If you’re a new user, you can pick up PureVPN with a MASSIVE 85% discount – you’ll get the service for just £1.25 per month! This is a brilliant […]

Nokia 6300 4G vs. Nokia 8000 4G: What’s The Difference?

Nokia has just launched two KaiOS-powered mobile phones with T9 keyboards in the form of the Nokia 6300 4G and the Nokia 8000 4G – but how are they different? The Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G will get a release in Finland, via Elisa, and in Russia. Neither mobile phone is confirmed to be […]

Should You Buy The Nokia 3310 In 2020? PROS & CONS…

The Nokia 3310 is a reimagining of the cult-classic Nokia 3310 brick phone from the 1990s. It’s not a smartphone, so should you use it? If you were a teenager – or an adult – in the 2000s, chances are you owned, or knew someone that owned the Nokia 3310. Often referred to as the […]

VIVO Begins Android 11 Roll-Out In UK & Europe

VIVO is one of the first Android manufacturers to start rolling out Android 11… VIVO might have only officially come to the UK in late-2020, but the Chinese company is wasting ZERO time making a name for itself, following the UK release of the VIVO X51 5G. VIVO confirmed today that it has begun rolling […]

What Is BritBox? The British Netflix Explained

If you’re asked to name one of the streaming services that launched in the last few years, most of us would probably say Disney+. Out next likely choice would be Apple TV+. But there’s actually another well-funded movie streaming service that has launched in the last few years. It’s called BritBox–and here’s what you need […]

ESR Launches World's First MagSafe Wireless Charging Car Mount

Need a MagSafe wireless charging car mount for your iPhone 12? You’re in luck, ESR has just launched one called the HaloLock System… Apple’s iPhone 12 range is now widely available, and one of its newest features is MagSafe, whereby external accessories can be attached to the rear of the phone using magnets – hence […]

Nokia, Qualcomm Break 5G Speed Record In Finland – 8 Gbps!!!

With a little help from the Finnish network, Elisa… 5G is now rolling out globally, but we have yet to see the new mobile data standard get anywhere near its true potential. In the UK, 5G coverage is patchy at best, limited to major cities and conurbations. However, in Finland, Qualcomm, Nokia, and Elisa – a […]

Samsung Galaxy A21s Battery Life – Is It Any Good?

The Samsung Galaxy A21s is a budget smartphone from Samsung that promises truly outstanding battery life. But how does it stack up in real life? The Samsung Galaxy A21s is yet another budget Android phone from Samsung, joining the likes of the ultra-popular Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A10. Positioned at the lower end of the […]

Samsung’s Smart Monitor Will Wirelessly Connect To Your Phone

Also includes support for AirPlay 2, PCs, and app casting… Samsung’s new Smart Monitor is designed for use by “modern” users that might only want to use one device for all their computing needs. If you have a mobile phone and Samsung’s new Smart Monitor, you can wirelessly connect your phone to the monitor and […]

What Is BT Halo? A Beginner’s Guide…

British Telecommunications is one of the UK’s largest at-home internet providers. Recently the communications giant has ditched it old BT Plus branding on its home internet offerings in favor of calling it BT Halo. But is there any difference besides the name change? Yes. And here’s what you need to know. What Is BT Halo? […]

What is Amazon Renewed? The Essential Guide For 2020

If you’re looking to save money on your next phone, is Amazon Renewed worth a look? Here’s everything you need to know… What is Amazon Renewed? You’ve heard of refurbished phones, right? If you haven’t, a refurbished phone is simply a phone that has, for one reason or another, been sent back to the manufacturer. […]

How To Buy An OPPO Phone – What You Need To Know

If you want to buy an OPPO phone in the UK or US, here’s everything you need to know… If you’re in the USA, I have some bad news for you: you cannot currently buy OPPO phones in the US. As of right now, OPPO has no plans to sell its phones via carriers in […]

Are OPPO Phones Available In The US?

Can you buy OPPO phones in the US? Here’s what you need to know… OPPO makes some of the most exciting Android phones we’ve tested in the last 12 months. The OPPO Find X2 Pro is a killer phone that packs in great specs, loads of useful features, and tons of amazing hardware. The company […]
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