iOS 15: All The Best New Features Coming To The iPhone

iOS 15 is PACKED with amazing new features. Here’s everything you need to know. Apple has unveiled the next generation of the iPhone’s operating system – iOS 15. Given the sheer volume of new features coming to iOS 15, it’s the biggest iOS update in years. Everything from FaceTime to Maps to Weather to Siri is […]

Plum App Review: AI-Driven Bill Saving, Money Management on Your Phone

Plum is an AI-powered app for Android and iPhone that will help you save on bills, set cash aside, and invest money 24/7 without you having to do anything… What if you could set money aside, save on bills, and invest money on a weekly basis without having to do anything? If you’re new to […]

How To Find, Track & Manage Your iPhone Location History: Everything You Need To Know…

Your iPhone tracks wherever you go, storing the information inside iOS. You can view your iPhone’s location history too. And turn it off. Here’s what you need to know… What is iPhone Location History? All smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone, feature GPS sensors that can track, store, and monitor your location at all times. This is […]

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Apple’s AirPods 3 “MIGHT” Launch Alongside iPhone 13

Apple’s next AirPods update – the AirPods 3 – will apparently launch alongside the iPhone 13 this September Apple’s next installment of AirPods was rumored to be landing earlier this year, but the AirPods 3 failed to make an appearance. This might be down to COVID affecting production or that the rumor was wrong in the […]

The New BlackBerry Phone Won’t Be Cheap – Here’s Why…

There’s a new BlackBerry phone launching in 2021, but don’t expect it to be cheap… BlackBerry as a phone brand is dead. Nowadays, the company we know as BlackBerry licenses out its “BlackBerry” brand to OEMs. TCL used to own the license for BlackBerry but in 2020 it switched over to a new owner, Onward […]

Bone Conduction Headphones EXPLAINED: Pros & Cons…

What are bone conduction headphones? And how do they work? In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know + the PROS & CONS of using bone conduction headphones… 99.9% of people use standard headphones, either earbuds or over-ear headphones. This has been the case since headphones first arrived on the market. And while […]

How To Listen To Spotify From Your Web Browser

Can you use Spotify inside your web browser? Yep. Here’s everything you need to know about listening to Spotify with JUST your web browser… Spotify is one of the most successful startups of all time. The company got started around the time I left college and started working in tech journalism, so I’ve personally seen […]

What is The Newest Samsung Phone? A Complete Guide…

Thinking about getting yourself a Samsung phone? Want to know what the newest Samsung phone is? Read on for everything you need to know… Unlike Apple, Samsung makes A LOT of phones. In fact, Samsung makes a phone for pretty much every price niche there is – from ultra-expensive flagship phones to foldable phones and ultra-budget […]

No More Notch! iPhone 14 Pro Models First To Switch In 2022

Apple has used a notch on its iPhones since the release of the iPhone X. But in 2022, the company will remove the notch on select iPhone 14 models Those select iPhone 14 models will, of course, be the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Instead of a notch, Apple will utilize a […]

Where Do Downloads Go On iPhone?

Have you downloaded a file from the web on iPhone and can’t find it? Here’s where it is! Wondering where do downloads go on iPhone? You’re not alone. For years the iPhone’s web browser, Safari, was not capable of downloading files like Safari on the Mac is. When you download a file from a website […]

How To Download iOS 15 Right Now: Get iOS 15 On Your iPhone TODAY!

You don’t need to wait until September to get iOS 15. Here’s how you can download it today! Wondering how to download iOS 15 right now? Read on! The next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system is just two months away. iOS 15 is packed with a ton of cool new features including massive updates […]

iPhone 14 Leak: In-Display TouchID & 120Hz Displays All Models

Apple’s 2022 iPhone 14, now under development, will feature 120Hz ProMotion displays in all models, including the base model iPhone 14 With the iPhone 13 range’s release just around the corner, development work on Apple’s 2021 iPhones has now concluded. The company will soon move into production mode for the iPhone 13 and refocus on […]

You Can Now Install Wear OS Apps From Your Android Phone

With the new update to the Google Play Store, you can now browse and download Wear OS apps from your phone to your smartwatch Oftentimes, it is the simplest things that make all the difference. If you’ve been using Wear OS for any amount of time, you’ll know finding and downloading apps isn’t exactly fun. […]

"Boring" iPhone SE 3 Release Date Set For 2022 – Same Design As Before…

The next iPhone SE release – dubbed the iPhone SE 3 – will get a release date in 2022, feature 5G and an updated A14 CPU. But that’s about it… Talk about getting mileage from a phone! Apple’s iPhone SE 3 will use the same design as the iPhone SE 2020 which, in turn, used the same […]

Sony Just Launched A Glass Wireless Speaker: Meet The LSPX-S3!

The Sony LSPX-S3 is a wireless speaker. But unlike everything else on the market right now, the LSPX-S3 is made from glass… Sony has just launched a brand new wireless speaker. Called the Sony LSPX-S3, the speaker is a rather interesting new product because the speaker itself is made entirely from glass. Why glass? Well, […]

Netflix Game Streaming Coming Within "Next 12 Months"...

Can you stream games on Netflix? Not right now. But all that is about to change, as the streaming giant moves to bring game streaming to its platform inside the next 12 months… Netflix started life with DVDs that were mailed to your home. It then moved to streaming, and its next phase will see […]

What Does “NSFW” Mean On Reddit? A Quick Definition…

NSFW means “Not Safe For Work” and it is usually attached to posts and content that you wouldn’t want to look at with an audience… If you spend even the smallest amount of time on the web, you’ll have come across the following phrase – reddit nsfw – and you’re probably wondering what the hell it means, […]

Why Is My Internet So Slow? Here Are 5 Ways To Fix It

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. These trips can help you solve the most frustrating annoyance of the modern era. Wondering why is my internet so slow? If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re having problems with your internet. Chances are you speeds are much slower than you’re used to.  And while this is […]
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