Plum App Review: AI-Driven Bill Saving, Money Management on Your Phone

Plum is an AI-powered app for Android and iPhone that will help you save on bills, set cash aside, and invest money 24/7 without you having to do anything… What if you could set money aside, save on bills, and invest money on a weekly basis without having to do anything? If you’re new to […]

Is NordVPN Worth It? My 2 Cents (After 2+ Years of Use)

I’ve been using NordVPN since late-2017. During this time, I’ve tested a bunch of other VPNs. But I always come back to NordVPN. And the reason? Read on to find out… The #1 reason I have stayed with NordVPN is speed. NordVPN is incredibly fast, thanks to its 6000+ servers all over the world. This […]

How To Find, Track & Manage Your iPhone Location History: Everything You Need To Know…

Your iPhone tracks wherever you go, storing the information inside iOS. You can view your iPhone’s location history too. And turn it off. Here’s what you need to know… What is iPhone Location History? All smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone, feature GPS sensors that can track, store, and monitor your location at all times. This is […]

Should You Buy A VIVO Phone? PROS & CONS (For Potential Buyers)

VIVO is a Chinese phone brand that, like Xiaomi and RealMe, specialises in high-spec, low-price Android phones. But should YOU buy one? Let’s investigate… Nobody likes £1000 phones. Apple figured this out back in 2018 (hello, iPhone XR), and Samsung is now learning the hard way with worse than expected sales of its Galaxy S20/Note […]

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The Best iOS Emulators For Mac & Windows

Ever wanted to run iOS apps on your PC? Well you can! Here are the best iOS emulators for Macs and Windows computers. Macs have a lot of apps. Windows PCs have a lot of apps. But compared to the iPhone, Mac, and PC app offerings combined are slim. There are literally MILLIONS of apps […]

6 Tips For Mastering The New Siri Remote (2021) For the Apple TV

The New Siri Remote for the Apple TV is redesigned from the ground-up. Here’s what you need to know to master the best remote control Apple’s ever made. Have a new Siri Remote? You will if you’ve just bought a new Apple TV. The new Apple TV has been a long-time coming. Apple last updated […]

Why The RealMe 8 5G is Worth Your Time & Money

The RealMe 8 5G is quite a prospect: it costs next to nothing, packs in a ton of spec and hardware, and it looks like a premium flagship… So what’s the catch? This is my first time using a RealMe phone, although I have been closely following the company for the last couple of years. […]

The Best SEO Apps For iPhone: 2021’s #1 Essential Tools…

Keeping tabs on your site’s SEO via your iPhone is still pretty tricky, but there are some decent iPhone SEO apps out there that are pretty useful… If you want to do proper SEO analysis and research, you’re still going to have to do it on your PC or Mac. All the leading SEO tools […]

Do You Need A VPN For Torrenting? DOS and DONTs...

Downloading stuff from torrents and P2P sites is super-risky (and kinda illegal). But if you must use torrenting sites, make sure you cover your ass by using a good-quality VPN… I mean, think about it: torrenting sites are the #1 place for picking up malware and other viruses. You don’t know where you’re downloading from […]

Titan Pocket: What To Know About Smallest QWERTY Android 11 Smartphone

Touchscreen smartphones are standard nowadays. However, there are still some people who prefer the QWERTY smartphones of old. If that’s you, you need to check out the Titan Pocket. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, many in the “feature phone” market at the time laughed at him. Why? Because the iPhone eschewed the […]

How Long Do OnePlus Phones Last?

One of the newest players in the Android smartphone market is OnePlus. The company has been around for less than eight years, but its phones have legions of followers. But how long do OnePlus phones last? OnePlus was founded in Shenzhen, China in December 2013. At first, the company only made smartphones that catered to […]

The Real Reason You Mac is Slow (And How To Fix It)

If you’ve been running a Mac for more than a few years, chances are it has slowed down a bit. The good news is you can quickly fix this – here’s how… When the new M1 iMac launched, I was ready with my credit card. My current 27in 5K iMac is now pretty old – it’s from […]

How Long Do Samsung Android Phones Last?

Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android smartphones is the iPhone’s biggest competitor. But how long do Samsung Android phones last? If you buy an iPhone, you can rest soundly knowing you’ll at least get five years of software updates for the device–a perhaps longer. But what about Samsung phones? If you’re and Android fan, Samsung’s Galaxy […]

Is Canva Worth It? A PROS & CONS Guide For New Users

If you create content online – either on a blog or social media – you need a tool like Canva in your life. Here’s why… When it comes to creative design tools, you have plenty of options to choose from. In my time, I’ve tried most of them – from Photoshop to Bannershack to free, online open-source platforms […]

How Long Do Chromebooks Last?

Google’s Chromebooks are increasingly a popular option among laptop users. But do Chromebooks last as long as MacBooks and other laptops? How long do Chromebooks last? Good question! Google debuted the Chromebook in 2011. The Chromebook is so named because it runs Google’s ChromeOS, which is the operating system based on the Chrome browser and […]

How Long Do iPads Last?

Did you just get an iPad or have had one for a few years? Wondering how long do iPads last? Here’s what you need to know! The iPad wasn’t the world’s first tablet, but it was the first tablet adopted en masse by consumers. And to this day the iPad is the world’s most popular […]

Best Place To Buy A Refurbished iPhone? Our #1 Picks For 2021

What is a Refurbished iPhone? A refurbished phone is NOT the same as a “second-hand phone” – one you might buy from eBay, for instance, or Craig’s List. Refurb phones are returned phones; they might have had a fault or the user might have sold it back to the network/retailer in order to get an […]

How Long Do iPhone Batteries Actually Last?

Wondering how long iPhone batteries actually last? You’ve come to the right place! The iPhone is a magnificent device that is capable of staggering capabilities. We can use an iPhone to watch 4K movies at will, shoot amazing panoramic photos, and play hundreds of thousands of games. But despite all its amazing capabilities, the iPhone’s […]

PS5 Graphics vs. PS4 & Xbox Series X – Which is Best?

How do the PS5’s graphics compare to the PS4 and its main rival, the Xbox Series X – let’s take a look at all the specs and upgrades to find out… Sony delivered a next-generation console in PS5, just like it promised. The expectations for Sony to deliver a top-notch console were high because of the […]
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