Do any US carriers support the OPPO Find N2? Here’s everything you need to know about importing and running an OPPO Find N2 in the US…

The OPPO Find N2 is many things. It is a brilliant foldable phone for starters. It packs in a very impressive CPU and camera module. It’s lightweight and compact compared to most other foldables. And it is priced pretty aggressively too. 

But there’s one 800 pound gorilla in the room: the OPPO Find N2 is NOT available to buy in the US. In fact, the only region where the phone is officially available via carriers is in OPPO’s native China. And for fans of foldable phones, this is a bitter pill to swallow. 

But what if you didn’t have to swallow it? What if you could get the OPPO Find N2 in the US and, better yet, actually get it working on an actual US carrier? Is this even possible? The answers to both of these questions is, yes, but there are a bunch of caveats you need to be aware of… 

Importing OPPO Find N2 To US – Caveats…

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First and foremost, you’ll be importing a phone that is designed and geared up for Chinese users, meaning Chinese apps and plenty of stuff you won’t want or need. And, potentially, no Google Play Store. 

You can root the device, of course, and install your own custom ROM but this is a rather involved process. 

The second reason relates to fallback. If you pay $1299 for the OPPO Find N2, wait weeks for it to arrive, only to then find out that, while on paper it IS compatible with certain networks, it doesn’t actually work with any of them, you will have no fallback in place.

The importer won’t care and the carrier itself will not be able to help you.

Basically, this process is risky and, for most people, should not be undertaken. If you want a foldable phone, just take the hit and get a Google Pixel Fold. Yes, it is more expensive but at least you know it’ll work on all carriers and it won’t be running a Chinese version of ColorOS. 

Before we even start thinking about importing the OPPO Find N2, we first need to understand which bands the phone supports. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the bands that the OPPO Find N2 supports.

OPPO Find N2 Bands

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5G Bands

China8GB · 256GBn1 (2100), n20 (800), n28a (700), n28b (700), n3 (1800), n38 (2600), n40 (2300), n41 (2500), n5 (850), n66 (1700), n7 (2600), n77 (3700), n78 (3500), n79 (4700), n8 (900)
China16GB · 512GBSame as above
China12GB · 256GBSame as above

4G LTE Bands

China8GB · 256GBB1 (2100), B12 (700), B17 (700), B18 (800), B19 (800), B2 (1900), B20 (800), B26 (850), B28a (700), B28b (700), B3 (1800), B34 (TDD 2100), B38 (TDD 2600), B39 (TDD 1900), B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1), B40 (TDD 2300), B41 (TDD 2500), B5 (850), B66 (1700/2100), B7 (2600), B8 (900)
China16GB · 512GBSame as above
China12GB · 256GBSame as above

3G Bands

China8GB · 256GBB1 (2100), B19 (800), B2 (1900), B4 (1700/2100 AWS A-F), B5 (850), B6 (800), B8 (900)
China16GB · 512GBSame as above
China12GB · 256GBSame as above

2G Bands

China8GB · 256GBCDMA BC0 (800), B2 (1900), B3 (1800), B5 (850), B8 (900)
China16GB · 512GBSame as above
China12GB · 256GBSame as above

Which Carriers Will The OPPO Find N2 Work On?

Based on the band compatibility listed above, the OPPO Find N2 should be compatible with several U.S. carriers for at least some bands.

Here are the primary U.S. carriers and the bands they use:

  1. Verizon: Primarily uses 2G CDMA (BC0, BC1), 3G (B2, B5), 4G LTE (B2, B4, B13, B66), and 5G (n2, n5, n66, n260).
  2. AT&T: Primarily uses 3G (B2, B5), 4G LTE (B2, B4, B5, B12, B14, B17, B30), and 5G (n5, n260).
  3. T-Mobile: Primarily uses 2G (B2), 3G (B2, B4), 4G LTE (B2, B4, B12, B66, B71), and 5G (n41, n71, n260).
  4. Sprint: Primarily used 3G (B1, B10), 4G LTE (B25, B26, B41), and 5G (n41, n260) prior to merging with T-Mobile.

✅ Based on all of the above, the OPPO Find N2 would likely have the best compatibility with T-Mobile due to its support for 4G LTE bands B2, B4, B66, and 5G band n41.

For AT&T, it supports 4G LTE bands B2, B4, B5, B12, and B17, but does not cover all of AT&T’s bands, such as B14, B30 and 5G band n5.

The OPPO Find N2 has limited compatibility with Verizon, as it doesn’t support Verizon’s primary 4G LTE band (B13) or any of its 5G bands.

Final Thoughts?

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As you can see, there are plenty of potential options and ways to run the OPPO Find N2 on US carrier networks. But should you? I’d say, no – it is just too risky. You’ll get zero support from the carrier and the retailer that sold you the phone in the first place will just ignore you. 

For this reason, we don’t tend to recommend importing phones that are not available in your region. 

Of course, it is possible to find a carrier that supports the OPPO Find N2. But support is not guaranteed, things can – and usually do – go wrong and you won’t have any fallback, meaning no support from the carrier, and the retailer you bought the phone from will be of no help whatsoever. 

Basically, it is something of a fool’s errand. Sure, you’ll have a foldable phone with awesome features that hardly anyone else in the entire country has which, for some users, will be a massive reason to do it, but you also have to consider that you also might not even be able to use the phone properly – like, no 5G or no 4G. 

Is it worth it? Not really. Just go with the Pixel Fold or Galaxy Z Fold 4 instead. It’ll cost you more, or course, but in the long run it is a far safer bet than importing a fancy foldable like the Find N2 from overseas. 

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11 months ago

Great article, there isn’t much out there on US networks for the Oppo Find N2 Fold.
I have mine on dual sim Verizon/ATT and find that the Verizon 4G works faster than the ATT 4G HD (whatever HD is) service, at least in NYC.
Thanks for the tips