Uncover why OPPO Find N2 is not available in the US as we delve into OPPO‘s global market strategies for now and the foreseeable future…


  • OPPO Find N2’s Exclusive Availability: Currently, the OPPO Find N2 is exclusively available in China. This high-tech smartphone has not been released in other international markets, including the US and UK.
  • OPPO’s Expansion Plans: In 2019, OPPO stated its intention to focus on expanding in markets such as the UK, other European countries, and Japan, rather than trying to break into the US market.
  • US Market Challenges: OPPO acknowledged the complexity of the US market, citing the specific requirements of carriers for all devices on their networks as a significant challenge that the company isn’t ready to commit to.
  • Future Possibilities: While the US market is not a priority for OPPO right now, the door isn’t completely shut. It’s possible that OPPO might consider the US market in the future once they feel ready for the challenge.

As the mobile phone market continues to heat up globally, we see a flurry of innovative and futuristic devices cropping up from various manufacturers. The most recent addition? Foldable phones.

And one of the most talked about, most searched for foldable phones right now is the OPPO Find N2, a device launched by Chinese tech giant OPPO on December 15, 2022.

The Find N2, hailed for its unique blend of functionality and sleek aesthetics, has garnered significant attention since its release. Reviewers that managed to get their hands on samples loved everything about it, and this in turn spiked interest around the phone in places like the USA and the UK.

But because of market issues and constraints on entering developed, mature markets like the US it is actually rather hard for users to get access to phones like the OPPO Find N2. Let’s unpack why US phone fans will not be able to buy the OPPO Find N2 in the immediate future…

Is Oppo Find N2 Available In US?

oppo find n2Pin

As it stands, the OPPO Find N2 is not available for purchase in the United States. The device remains exclusively in China, with no immediate plans for a release in other markets such as the US or the UK.

This news may come as a surprise or even disappointment for the tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the arrival of what some reviewers have called the best foldable phone released to date.

The reason behind this decision, as explained by OPPO back in 2019, comes down to the company’s expansion plans. The Chinese tech titan is actively directing its focus towards markets like the UK, other European countries, and Japan.

OPPO believes that these markets present a more viable environment for the brand’s growth in the current times.

The US Phone Market is Impossible To Crack…

But why the hold back on the United States? It’s no secret that the US is seen as one of the most challenging markets to break into for phone manufacturers worldwide. The stringent requirements set by the carriers for all devices running on their networks prove to be a daunting hurdle for many brands.

In OPPO‘s case, it has chosen not to take on this challenge, at least not for now, preferring instead to target less stringent markets where the barriers to entry (meaning COSTS) aren’t so high. And let’s face it, plenty of Chinese OEMs do like cutting corners when it comes to cost.

This is the ONLY reason why phones like the OPPO Find N2 are not IP certified for water and dust resistance. It’s about cost and getting things done quickly.

This doesn’t mean the United States is off OPPO‘s radar entirely. In the grand scheme of things, the USA still remains a lucrative market for any phone manufacturer. It’s just a matter of timing and readiness. As of now, OPPO is keen on consolidating its presence in the UK, Europe, and Eastern markets like Japan.

OPPO‘s strategy clearly lies in navigating its way through other, less challenging markets at the moment. However, we can hold onto hope that, in due course, OPPO might consider expanding its footprint to the US and the fans there will finally have the chance to experience the OPPO Find N2 or one of its successor models firsthand.

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