The OPPO Find N2 is a lot of things. It’s massively popular, it looks brilliant, and it packs in tons of awesome specs. But is it waterproof? Let’s find out…


  • The Oppo Find N2 is a brilliant phone but it does not have an official IP rating, meaning it doesn’t offer any official water or dust resistance.
  • An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is typically used to indicate a device’s resistance to solids like dust (first digit) and liquids (second digit).
  • The absence of water resistance may not impact everyday use for many, but those in environments with a lot of water or dust should consider this when choosing a device.
  • Despite the Oppo Find N2’s lack of water resistance, users can take protective measures such as avoiding use in wet conditions, not placing the phone on damp surfaces, and investing in a water-resistant case.

For whatever reason [spoiler: it’s most likely down to cost], Chinese phone brands like OPPO, RealMe, and Xiaomi seem to have a real problem with getting their phones IP certified. Regardless of price and the level of specs, nine-times-outta-ten most Chinese phones will lack this core feature. And for users like you and me, this isn’t exactly ideal.

You get things like ultra-fast charging and 120Hz displays and more camera lenses than you’ll ever need. But as for water and dust protection? You get nothing. And this is odd because, next to how much a phone costs and when it is available, water resistance is one of the most searched for features of any new phone released. 

The OPPO Find N2 does not have an official IP rating. This means, should you buy one of these phones, you do not want to take anywhere near water and, to be on the safe side, you should also completely avoid any seriously dusty environments like arid deserts and your aunty’s house. 

Is an IP rating important on a phone? There is a good reason why every major phone manufacturer in the west gets their phones IP certified. And you can learn more about why water and dust resistance matter below. And if you aren’t fussed about that and you want a foldable phone with both water and dust resistance, go with Google’s Pixel Fold instead. 

What is an IP Rating?

Water-resistance in smartphones is often denoted by an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. This rating consists of two digits – the first represents protection against solid particles like dust, while the second denotes resistance to liquids. However, it is worth noting that not all smartphones come with an IP rating.

Is The Oppo Find N2’s Lack of Water Resistance A Deal Breaker?

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The Oppo Find N2 does not possess an IP rating, indicating that it doesn’t offer water or dust resistance of any kind. This means it’s not designed to withstand any significant exposure to water or dust. Most of the early foldable phones did not IP rating either. But times have now changed and both Google and Samsung offer full IP ratings on their respective foldable devices.

The OPPO Find N2 is not an old phone either; it launched in China not that long ago, so getting an IP rating in place should have been a big part of its R&D process. I mean, how are you meant to compete with Samsung and Apple by NOT including a basic feature most users take for granted?

While the lack of water and dust resistance might not impact regular usage for some people, those who live in environments with a high presence of water, dust, or other particles should probably avoid this phone – and any other phone without an official IP rating – like the plague. Water and dust reek havoc on electrical components.

Why Does Water Resistance Matter?

Smartphones accompany us everywhere – they’re used outdoors, carried in our pockets, and are sometimes accidentally exposed to water. You take them to the beach, on hikes, when you’re out and about running and/or exercising. Having an IP rating means you don’t need to worry about things.

A water-resistant phone can survive these incidents without damaging its internal components. On top of this, the Find N2 is not a cheap phone – you’re looking at $1299 to pick one up. A water-damaged phone will significantly decrease its value, impacting its resale potential.

And with actual water damage, you’ll have things like water getting inside the charging ports and the camera module and, in some cases, even under the screen. You do not want this. It’ll turn your expensive phone into an expensive paper weight in mere seconds, so, for peace of mind, it is ALWAYS advisable to go with a phone that has a proper IP rating.

How to Protect Your Oppo Find N2

Despite the Oppo Find N2’s lack of water resistance, there are steps you can take to protect it:

  1. Try to avoid using the phone in wet conditions, such as heavy rain.
  2. Don’t place your phone on damp or wet surfaces.
  3. Consider investing in a high-quality, water-resistant case.

Final Thoughts…

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For 99.9% of people reading this, none of the this will actually matter because the OPPO Find N2 is not available to buy outside of China. If you’re in the US or UK, you can pick up the OPPO Find N2 Flip but, like the N2, it also does not have any sort of IP rating.

My advice? Go with something like the Google Pixel Fold if you want a foldable phone with full water and dust resistance.

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