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All the latest mobile phones compared from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy and everything else in between – including OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, RealMe, VIVO, OnePlus, and more. Read detailed breakdowns of phone specs, updates, and the latest information on release dates and pricing.

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The Latest Mobile Phones

If you’re interested in finding out more about the latest iPhones and Android phones, this page is where you’ll find all the latest information on the best new phones, including leaked specs, new features, and updates.

From Apple’s iPhone to smaller Chinese brands like VIVO and RealMe, our team covers them all to bring you the most up to date information on the latest phones and smartphones.

Things change quickly in the world of smartphones. A lot can happen in 12 months. You have new technologies to consider and learn about with each new year – from 5G phones and 120Hz displays to increasingly advanced camera modules.

Smartphones – both Android and iPhone – are constantly evolving. Staying on top of the latest specs for new and/or incoming phone releases, the latest leaks, and what they all mean is what we’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

If you need to know about what phone to buy, which phone is best, or what the different sizes of phones are available, we will have a post, guide, or tutorial to help you.

The Best Android Phones

The vast majority – meaning upwards of 95% – of phones now in circulation around the world are either Android phones or iPhones made by Apple. This means, when talking about modern smartphones, we only have to worry about two operating systems: Android and iOS.

That’s the simple part.

The trickier part is when you open the pandora’s box that is the wider Android phone market. There is a myriad of Android phone makers with a myriad of different models to choose from. You have literally thousands of potential options when it comes to Android phones.

You have bigger brands like Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and Xiaomi. And then you have smaller brands like RealMe, LG, OPPO, RealMe, VIVO, and HTC to choose from.

We have detailed a dedicated guide about the best Android phones you can currently buy – and this guide is constantly updated.

What’s The Best iPhone? 

Similarly, with have a detailed Best iPhone Guide as well which examines all the most recent iPhones and details which is the best model based on criteria like value for money, overall cost, and features.

More often than not, the best iPhone for your needs isn’t always the most expensive option.

This applies to Android phones too, thanks to handsets like the Pixel 4a which is a true mid-ranger when it comes to price but a massive heavy-hitter where it really counts: battery life, display tech, software, design, and camera performance.

Phone Specs & Features

The specs and features of a phone are often the one thing that most people are interested in. How does the phone improve on its predecessor? Is the camera better? What about the display tech? And battery life? These are all important specs and features that you need to know about.

The team at KYM is focused on cutting through the marketing fluff phone companies love to use and focus on the facts: is the phone worth it? Is it worth buying over its predecessor? Does it offer good value for money?

We cover all the latest smartphone releases with a critical eye. We know what makes a good phone, we also know what good value for money looks like, so we always write and critique new Android and iPhone releases with this in mind.

Phones Sizes & Dimensions

A phone’s specs and features are one thing. But did you know that A LOT of people are more interested in the size and dimensions of phones? Well, they are – and the reason for this is simple: phones are getting bigger and bigger.

For this reason, we have created detailed guides on the size and dimensions of the most popular phones you can buy – like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s range of Android phones.

If you want a small phone, or want to know what the best small phone option is, knowing about the sizes and dimensions of the phone is obviously important. That’s why we always make sure we detail exact guides on the sizes of all new phones that are released.

We know it is important to you, so we make sure it is always covered in our reporting.