The Best Place To Buy Apple’s HomePod


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2018 could go down as the Year of the Smart Speaker. While smart speakers have been around for almost three years now, the technology hasn’t previously been adopted by the masses in the way smartphones were. But that could change now that Apple is in the game with their new HomePod smart speaker. That’s not saying the HomePod is necessarily better than the Google Home or Amazon Echo smart speakers. However, when Apple–with all its consumer and cultural clout–decides to get into a new device market, it generally raises the interest in those types of devices for the buying public in general.

Apple’s HomePod has already received rave reviews for its sound quality (though some say Siri is lacking). Regardless, the device goes on sale this week and you have a number of options where to buy it in the US and UK. Don’t expect massive (or any discounts) over the $349/£319 retail price, though. A new gadget rarely ever sees reductions.

The Apple HomePod has now gone on general sale in the US as of February 9. At the same time, it is also now shipping to pre-order customers stateside, according to a report from PhoneArena. Writers at the site have had a HomePod on pre-order from January 26 and have now been notified that it’s due to arrive on February 9.

Apple Stores and Best Buy stores will also have units on display, should you wish to go and give one a poke, but of course you can also buy from these retailers online.

So, where should you buy your HomePod?

Where To Buy Apple’s HomePod: Apple Stores and

If you’re an Apple purist, the best place to buy the HomePod is from Apple itself. You can preorder the HomePod on Apple’s US website for $349 and on Apple’s UK website for £319. You won’t get any discounts doing this, but the benefit is Apple tends to ship its products very quickly–though keep in mind HomePod availability through Apple’s website could slip as more people pre-order, so you might not get them same day.

A way around that issue is to rock into an Apple store itself. If you do this on launch day, you have a good shot at getting a HomePod if you get there early. Also, keep in mind that the HomePod release is not like a new iPhone release–so Apple should have a relatively good level of stock availability at its retail stores.

Where To Buy Apple’s HomePod: Argos

If you’re in the UK, you can also pick up a HomePod from Argos. Argos is selling the HomePod for £319–that’s the same price of Apple. They also offer free shipping, like Apple does. Alternately, you can check the HomePod stock at your local Argos to see if you can pick it up in store.

Where To Buy Apple’s HomePod: Very

Another UK retailer that is selling the HomePod is Very. Currently Very is selling the HomePod for £319, like everyone else. Under some circumstances Very offers free shipping, but if you don’t meet the requirements you could pay an extra £4 for shipping.

Where To Buy Apple’s HomePod: Best Buy

If you are in America, you’ll be able to pick up a HomePod from popular electronics retail chain Best Buy. Best Buy is currently offering the HomePod for $349, which is the standard retail price of the device in America. Currently, Best Buy’s website is saying if you order it now, you can pick it up in store on Friday’s release date.

Where To Buy Apple’s HomePod: eBay

We don’t recommend buying a HomePod on eBay for several reasons. The first is you probably don’t have to resort to this as Apple and other retailers will probably have good availability on launch day. The second reason is if you buy on eBay you’ll probably have to pay for shipping. The third reason is you will also probably pay a lot more for your HomePod. People have already listed HomePods for sale on eBay in the US for as much as $500 and in the UK for as much as £450– a rip-off.


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