57 Million Users. 190 Countries. 20 Billion Matches Since Launch. 1.6 Billion Swipes Per Day – these are just some of the crazy Tinder facts you need to know about. Read on for the other 23!

23 Insane Tinder Facts & Stats

Below is a breakdown of some of Tinder’s most impressive stats and facts. Some of them are truly mind-blowing. And some can be used to help you get more matches on Tinder – either through tactical timing or knowing when the most popular time to use Tinder is…

  1. Tinder has 57 million users
  2. Of that 57 million, 4.1 million Tinder users pay for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold
  3. Tinder is now available in 190 countries and 40 different languages
  4. Tinder users swipe left or right 1.6 BILLION times a day…
  5. Tinder sets up over 1 million dates per week
  6. To date, there have been over 20 billion Tinder matches since 2012
  7. Over 50% of Tinder users are MOST active after 9 pm
  8. The most active Tinder users login four times a day
  9. 18-24-year-olds are the biggest Tinder users
  10. Tinder’s owner, Match Group, generated $444 million in revenue in 2018, Q3. This is expected to increase massively by the end of
  11. 2020, thanks to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus
  12. Over 10% of Brazilian internet connections use Tinder
  13. 40% of US college students reckon Tinder is for “hooking up” – not serious dating
  14. 70% of US college students have NEVER met their matches
  15. 95% of Tinder users meet their matches in the same week as matching with them
  16. 9% of Tinder users find it hard to commit to one person because of the choice of potential mates available via the app
  17. 85% of Tinder users say, “I love you”, within the first year of dating
  18. 91% of female users admitted they only ever like profiles they feel a connection/actual attraction to
  19. Whereas 33% of men admitted to casually liking pretty much anything, regardless of attraction/connection
  20. Female users get WAY more matches than their male counterparts – upwards of 300-400% more
  21. Men message their matches quickest (within 5-minutes) compared to women (usually around 38-minutes).
  22. The average Tinder message sent by a male is 12 characters long, whereas the average Tinder message sent by a female is 122 characters long
  23. 72% of Tinder users believe Tinder is the most racially diverse dating app on the market – 74% of users have dated someone of a different racial background.

The History of Tinder – From College Campus Tests To 57 Million Users…

Tinder was founded in 2012 by Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, who met at the University of Southern California. Tinder itself was funded and developed inside InterActiveCorp (IAC), a start-up incubator run by Tinder’s parent company, Match Group. Interestingly, IAC was also responsible for the development of Match.com, OKCupid, and Zhenai (a Chinese dating app).

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Tinder was initially trialed on college campuses (just like Facebook), where it quickly became extremely popular. By late-2013, Tinder was averaging around 350 million swipes per day – or, 4000 a second! By the close of 2014, Tinder was processing almost 1 billion swipes per day. And this is where things started to get interesting…

Surviving on investor capital is fine, but eventually, a start-up needs to start making money. Tinder’s solution to this was Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, two premium tier versions of the app. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold is now used by 4.1 million Tinder users and is believed to generate around $800 million in revenue for Match Group, Tinder’s owners.

Tinder Plus Features

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind your last swipe
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport to swipe around the world
  • No ads

Tinder Gold – Tinder Gold gives you everything you get with Tinder Plus, just with a few added extras. For instance, with Tinder Gold, you can see who already likes you before you swipe, rewind your last swipe right, and get a list of curated top picks just for you every single day. It also lets you change your location too. However, there is a cheaper way of changing your Tinder profile’s location (that’ll save you money).

How much does Tinder Gold cost? It ain’t cheap! A membership for Tinder Gold costs $29.99 a month. You can get price breaks, however, if you commit to a 6- or 12-month membership. Do this and you can get Tinder Gold for either $10 or $12 a month, respectively.

Tinder Gold Features

  • See who Likes You before you swipe
  • New Top Picks every day
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind your last swipe
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport to swipe around the world
  • No ads

This is how Tinder makes money: it gets people using the freemium version of Tinder and then, by process of FOMO, gets them to update to a paying membership for better results. It’s a brilliant business model that has already been proven to work – $800 million a year is no joke.

It knows people want more matches, and it now has a paid-for solution. In this respect, it is a near-perfect business model. If you want more likes, or an advantage over your competitors (because that’s what they are, essentially), upgrading to Plus or Gold on Tinder will give you a distinct advantage, as well as more data that’ll help to improve your chances of getting a match.

Most Common Personality Types on Tinder

When it comes to the commonly used words to describe personalities on Tinder, these are the most common phrases used, according to research: Nerd, Shy, Active, Sarcastic, Smart, Outgoing, Professional, Awkward. However, A LOT of people also used words like Bitch, Blunt, Positive, Intelligent, Creative, and Healthy.

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Most Common Body Type on Tinder

Ever wondered what the most common body type is on Tinder? It’s a weird thing to ask, sure, but that hasn’t stopped researchers from crunching the data to find out what the most common body type of Tinder users is…

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According to the research, the most common body characteristics mentioned by Tinder users are related to things like tattoos, piercings, hair, height, and things pertaining to their butt – think, “booty”, “butt”, and “thick”. The most common term used by males relates to height with “6ft” appearing to be the magic word for many.

Tattoos are by far and away the most common body description used, while a small but present segment of women describes themselves as “thick” and “fat”. Men and women both used the terms “hair” and “butt” in similar frequencies, implying a solid ass and head of hair is important to many.

Most Common Interests on Tinder

According to the data, the #1 most common interests shared by Tinder users were as follows:

  • Music
  • Travel
  • Outdoors
  • Tattoo
  • Books
  • Dog
  • Work
  • Adventure
  • Food
  • Beer
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Dog
  • Hiking

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Interestingly, the term dog was significantly more popular than cats. In fact, the term dog was one of the most popular interests shared by the sample group in the study, so next time you feel drawn to a profile picture of someone with a dog, you’ll know why.

You can also learn how to leverage Reddit to up your Tinder game too – it’s simple to do and you’ll learn a lot.

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