Most people assume that Samsung’s biggest selling phones are its most expensive ones; the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note 10. But this is not the case. In reality, Samsung’s biggest selling phones are its cheaper phones – phones like the Galaxy A42 5G which just leaked inside GeekBench.

These phones are cheaper than Samsung’s flagships, have mass-market appeal, both in the USA, UK, and emerging markets and are a key tool in Samsung’s global business structure for driving revenue and ensuring its dominant market share.

So what is the Galaxy A42 like? Let’s take a look at the leaked information in more detail…

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Leaked Features

In this update, the Samsung A42 has appeared in the Geekbench benchmarking tool and also the Safety Korea certification site. The Galaxy A42 scores 615 points in single-core tests and 1,799 in multi-core tests, which shows that it will have a mid-range processor.

Geekbench A42 StatsPin

Why “Cheap” Snapdragon

The information goes further since the “Lito” motherboard suggests that they will have a Snapdragon 765G, although recent leaks suggest that the device will be released with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 690 5G, an even cheaper chip that will allow the device to connect to 5G networks. The report shows that the Galaxy A42 will have 4GB of RAM and Android 10.

Battery And Memory

The Safety Korea certification confirmed that the Galaxy A42 will have a 5,000 mAh battery and also fast-charging abilities. Previous reports have claimed that the Galaxy A42 will come with a 128GB storage memory and that it will be available in white, black, and gray.

With cameras, the Galaxy A42 will have a quad-lens camera array on the rear and a single front-facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy A42 Release Date

If everything follows the previous launch of Samsung’s A-series, we should be looking at the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G reaching the market in early 2021. However, because the first test results of the SM-A426B (the codename for the Galaxy A42) are already available, this could mean we could see a launch before the close of 2020 – perhaps as early as late-Q3.