When it comes to small action cameras, GoPro has the market tied up. But what if you’re looking for something SUPER SMALL? Meet the KeyChain…

It’s a 4K action camera, designed for vloggers or those that want to shoot 4K videos on the move. Built by AKSAO, the KeyChain is the world’s smallest 4K “vlog” camera – its specs aren’t bad either, as you can see below

AKASO KeyChain Specs – What You Get:

  • Weight: 36g
  • Resolution: 4K30fps, 2.7k60fps, 1080p60fps, 1080p30fps, 720p120fps, 720p60fps
  • Battery life: 43~60 minutes
  • Lens: 124° FOV, wide-angle field of view
  • Water Resistance: IP56, splash- and rain-proof
  • Stabilization: EIS 2.0, six-axis image stabilization
  • Connectivity: Connect to your phone through Wi-Fi
  • AKASO GO App: Capture, edit, and download the footage
  • Rich Accessories: All kinds of mounts, pivot stand, clips, and magnet pendant
  • Main competitors: Insta360 Go/Google clips/Go Pro Session 5

The AKASO KeyChain takes 12MP stills, has in-built image stabilization software, and comes with a 124° FOV wide-angle lens. Incredibly for a camera of this size, it also boasts slow-motion video at 1080P60 or 720P120, time-lapse video, a stills timer, and a host of metering and exposure options.

AKASO KeyChain 4K Camera Release Date

The AKASO KeyChain will get a release date in October, and the price of the unit is pretty aggressive – you’re looking at just $99 / €84 / £77 / CAD$132.

Not bad, right? I mean, if you’re looking at a GoPro, you’ll pay triple that for the most basic model. Want the latest and greatest? You can add in another $100 or so.

AKASO KeyChainPin

AKASO makes a range of budget action cameras, so the KeyChain definitely isn’t the company’s first rodeo. One of its more well-known action cameras, the AKASO EK700 4K, has been around for a while and has received some pretty high praise from bloggers and reviewers.

I’m not a massive action camera user personally, but I will be checking this little camera out once mine arrives. Who knows? Maybe I’ll revive the KYM YouTube channel? The KeyChain will shoot in 4K, capture high-resolution stills, and it supports image stabilization – that’s more than you need to run a basic YouTube channel.

And for less than $100? Not too shabby, at all…

Meet, AKASO’s KeyChain (The World’s Smallest Action Camera)Pin

If you want to see how cheaper action cameras compare to the more expensive GoPro options, check out this awesome comparison video from AuthenTech below – it covers all the basics as well as all the major differences.