Windows Phone 7.8 will arrive ‘in the coming weeks’

News Paul Briden 10:30, 31 Oct 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 won't arrive straight away for earlier Windows handsets, instead there'll be a delay of a few weeks

Microsoft has just launched Windows Phone 8 but apparently users with Windows Phone 7 devices will have to wait a few weeks before their phones are updated to version 7.8, the build which will provide older models with Windows Phone 8’s interface enhancements and a limited selection of features.

This means existing Windows Phone models, such as the HTC Titan and Radar, Nokia’s Lumia 800, 900, 610 and 710 and Samsung’s Omnia range, will all remain without Windows Phone 7.8’s enhancements for a little while longer than previously thought.

It was generally assumed, or at least hoped, that Windows Phone 7.8 would roll out either alongside or very soon after Windows Phone 8 launched officially.

The contradicting news is coming out of a Chinese tech site, WPDang, which doesn’t name any sources but alleges a delay of around four to six weeks from now.

However, this does actually sit with what we’ve heard at a Nokia Lumia showcase this week where questions were raised over the Windows Phone 7.8 rollout to existing Nokia Lumia models.

Nokia’s representatives wouldn’t give a solid date but only implied there would be more news on the subject in ‘the coming weeks.’

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