Windows Phone 8.1 Blue linked to Nokia Goldfinger, coming 2014

News Richard Goodwin 15:42, 15 Nov 2013

Goldfinger and Moneypenny: these are the two Lumia devices that Windows Phone 8.1 Blue will debut aboard in 2014, according to reports

Microsoft’s highly anticipated – and very necessary – Windows Phone 8.1 Blue update is believed to be launching in 2014, and the first two handsets to carry it will be the Nokia Goldfinger and Nokia Moneypenny.

Nothing is known about the two Nokia handsets, other than their James Bond-style codenames, but Windows Phone 8.1 Blue is tipped to be the Windows Phone update everyone has been waiting for with its rumoured notifications center [finally!], better multitasking and the Siri-like Cortana voice assistant.

@evleaks, one of the most prolific leakers of info around, took to Twitter to inform its reading public that Windows Phone 8.1 Blue would debut aboard two brand new Nokia handsets: Goldfinger & Moneypenny. Goldfinger, fittingly, is tipped to be the flagship. 

Goldfinger, according to reports, will be the first Nokia – and Windows Phone handset for that matter – to feature Nokia’s “3D Touch” technology. Similar to Samsung’s Air Gesture feature just more advanced, 3D Touch is said to use the handset’s sensors to learn your movements and make truly contactless interaction a reality. No one has nailed this yet, not even Samsung, so it’ll be interesting to see what Nokia comes to the tablet with in this regard.

The return of Nokia is upon us. Windows Phone is starting to gain traction. And pretty soon –– 2014 –– Windows Phone will have pretty much the same features as iOS and Android. Once that happens, hardware will play a bigger role. And nobody does hardware quite like Nokia. 

Expect this to get very interesting. 

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