Setting up Bluetooth on the Nokia XpressMusic 5300

User guides Editor 15:51, 26 Apr 2007

If you set up Bluetooth on the Nokia 5300 Xpress Music you can exchange information with other devices without using wires or costly MMS

Bluetooth makes it easy to swap files such as pictures between different devices without the need for cables and making complicated connections. You can share files between two mobile phones, between a mobile and a PC, and in fact between any devices that both have Bluetooth built in.

Bluetooth is a wireless communications system and the devices sharing information don’t have to be that close to either other or to have a direct line of sight to each other. They can be as much as 10 metres apart and still maintain a connection.

Turn Bluetooth on
Tap the middle Selection key in the centre of the navigation button to choose Menu. Next choose Settings by pressing the middle of the navigation button, and then scroll down the list till you come to Connectivity and choose that. Finally, choose Bluetooth.

Highlight the first option, which says ‘Bluetooth’ and press the middle Selection key in the centre of the navigation button to choose Select. Now highlight On and select that. You will be asked ‘Set phone visible to all searching devices?’ Choose Yes by pressing the middle selection key. Repeat this process to turn Bluetooth off.

NOTE: when Bluetooth is on there is an icon in the top row of the screen that reminds you of the fact.

When you want to connect to another device your phone’s visibility needs to be set to on. It currently is as you will see in the next box down: Beneath ‘My Phone’s visibility’ it says ’Show to all’. Choose this option with the middle Selection key to change this setting, for example to hide visibility. This is useful if you want ‘paired’ devices to be able to see your phone but not other devices. Paired devices are ones with which you have set up a permanent connection, such as a Bluetooth headset.

Use the navigation button to scroll down to where it says ‘My phone’s name’. If you want to change this tap the middle Selection key in the centre of the navigation button, give your phone a new name, then choose OK with the middle Selection key.

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