Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 Expected As Microsoft Teases Event

News 17:07, 1 Sep 2014

Details and images have leaked for the Lumia 730, Microsoft's "selfie phone"

Nokia Lumia 930 Review: King Of The Windows Phones

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Nokia's Lumia 930 has an impressive spec list - does the experience match up?

Nokia Lumia 920 review

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We deliver our verdict on Nokia's latest flagship, the Windows Phone 8-powered, PureView camera-sporting Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 530 Review: First Look Hands-On

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Nokia's Lumia 530 is here following in the footsteps of the venerable Lumia 520. Is it an improvement?

10 Signs You NEED To Upgrade Your phone

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Is your phone rubbish? Do people often mock you for being so behind the times? These are just a few signs it is time to UPGRADE your phone

Lumia 720 and 520

Nokia Lumia 730 Release Date Pegged For August

News 16:29, 30 Jul 2014

Microsoft's rebooting the Lumia 720 and it's called the Nokia Lumia 730 and it'll be hitting the US OF A in August

Nokia Lumia 1320 Review

Reviews 14:12, 24 Jul 2014

Nokia hits the budget phablet market with an affordable giant Windows Phone. Is this a good idea?

Microsoft Announces Lumia 530, Doesn't Really Mention Nokia

News 11:18, 23 Jul 2014

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Lumia 530, an affordable Windows Phone 8.1 handset

How To Use Nokia PureView Camera

User guides 14:05, 22 Jul 2014

How to use Nokia's PureView Camera technology aboard the Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 530 Confirmed By Nokia On YouTube

News 14:39, 17 Jul 2014

Nokia has accidently confirmed the Lumia 530’s existence on a YouTube playlist

Nokia Lumia Cyan Update Rolls Out Windows Phone 8.1

News 11:01, 17 Jul 2014

Nokia's Lumia Cyan update bring Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft's Video Tuner App Brings Pro Edits To Lumias

News 16:26, 9 Jul 2014

Microsoft announces Video Tuner editing app for Lumia handsets

Nokia Lumia 930 Is The Windows Phone You've Been Waiting For

News 16:10, 9 Jul 2014

The Nokia Lumia 930 will be the first phone to launch with Windows Phone 8.1 on board

Microsoft "Android-Powered" Lumia On Its Way

News 14:03, 9 Jul 2014

We could soon see a Lumia device powered by Android. That's right: A Nokia Lumia running Google's Android platform. The Golden Goose!

Which Smartphone Has The Best Camera?

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We compare imaging technology and photo quality from every major flagship on the market

Nokia Lumia 630 Review

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Nokia's Lumia 630 brings you Windows Phone 8.1 at an affordable price point

Nokia, Samsung Leading The Way In Bendable Display Tech

News 15:55, 11 Jun 2014

Both Samsung and Nokia have shown off folding displays now, the future of the mobile phone tech is near

WhatsApp Returns To Windows Phone

News 12:34, 2 Jun 2014

WhatsApp has returned to Windows Phone after a short bugfixing hiatus

Nokia X2 Already In The Works, Android Based, 1GB RAM

News 10:47, 23 May 2014

Rumours say Nokia is already working on a follow-up to the Nokia X handset

Graphene: Bringing Futuristic Super Tech In 2016

Features 16:03, 19 May 2014

Graphene is a miracle material poised to change mobile devices as we know them into fantastic sci-fi hardware