Microsoft Lumia 1030 “McLaren” Specs Leak

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Microsoft is prepping a Lumia 1020 successor with a 50MP camera, according to rumours

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review: A Year Later AND Still The BOSS

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Can The Jolla Tablet Succeed?

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Nokia's entering the Android space with its Z Launcher software. Let's take at how it works aboard the LG G3

Nokia Launches Android Lollipop N1 Tablet

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Nokia has just confirmed Android-powered tablet. It’s called the Nokia N1, runs Android Lollipop, and is launching in China in Q1 2015

Nokia Lumia 830 Review: Punches Well Above Its Weight

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The Lumia 830 is Microsoft's "affordable flagship" - does it live up to the label?

Samsung Hits Back At Microsoft In Court Action

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Samsung isn't happy about Microsoft's Nokia acquisition, claiming it violated business deal

Nokia Lumia 830 UK Release Date & Specs Confirmed

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Nokia's BACK with another Lumia handset. Ladies and Gents, meet the Nokia Lumia 830!

Nokia Lumia 830 To Go On Sale This Week

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Nokia’s latest mid-range handset will be on sale by the end of the week

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Is your phone rubbish? Do people often mock you for being so behind the times? These are just a few signs it is time to UPGRADE your phone

Lumia 720 and 520

Nokia Lumia 730 Release Date Pegged For August

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Microsoft's rebooting the Lumia 720 and it's called the Nokia Lumia 730 and it'll be hitting the US OF A in August

Nokia Lumia 1320 Review

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Nokia hits the budget phablet market with an affordable giant Windows Phone. Is this a good idea?

Microsoft Announces Lumia 530, Doesn't Really Mention Nokia

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Microsoft has officially unveiled the Lumia 530, an affordable Windows Phone 8.1 handset