GTA V: A HUGE Update You NEED To Play Again on PC

News 17:00, 5 Feb 2016

GTA V is nearly two years old but still alive, kicking, and full of content

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Come In SEVERAL Variants

Rumours 16:15, 5 Feb 2016

Samsung is preparing another duo of Samsung Galaxy S7 flagships

LEAKED: Five AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

Rumours 13:15, 5 Feb 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 launch is just around the corner and a recent leak has shown just how much we have to look forward to

Apple Is Planning A HOLY TRINITY of Handsets For 2016

Rumours 12:04, 5 Feb 2016

2016 COULD see the release of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus AND the iPhone 6c -- now wouldn't THAT Be special!

The LG G5 COMETH: Specs, Hardware & Release Date Rumours

Rumours 14:10, 4 Feb 2016

We’ve collected all the latest rumors and details on LG’s upcoming flagship handset, the LG G5

Looks Like Apple's DEFINITELY Doing a 4in iPhone

News 14:08, 4 Feb 2016

Apple's 4in iPhone 6c will arrive in September 2016 ahead of the iPhone 7 launch, sources claim

Apple iPad Air 3 To Be MEGA Update

News 13:51, 4 Feb 2016

Apple may be prepping an iPad Air 3 according to new rumours

Nintendo NX Launch Tipped For Q1 2016

Rumours 11:42, 4 Feb 2016

Nintendo wants to take a leaf out of Apple and Google's book for its next gaming platform, the Nintendo NX

Apple's BIG 2016 Road Map Detailed

Rumours 10:02, 4 Feb 2016

It’s going to be one of Apple’s busiest years ever.

Samsung Galaxy Note Future Involves Hybrid Laptop Dock

Rumours 15:13, 3 Feb 2016

Samsung could be planning to turn the Galaxy Note series into laptop hybrids

What's Currently Known About The OnePlus 3

News 10:22, 3 Feb 2016

OnePlus' third handset emerges as the...OnePlus 3!

Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 Is Now Official

News 17:09, 2 Feb 2016

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was pegged for a UK launch in January 2016...we're now in Feb and it's a no-show!

Is It Time Google Made Its Own Nexus Phones?

Rumours 16:02, 2 Feb 2016

Google may put an end to partnering with third-party design teams for its Nexus series

How Will Apple's VR Headset Differ From Oculus Rift

News 13:59, 2 Feb 2016

It’s also working on augmented reality too.

PlayStation VR: The Future of Gaming is COMING

News 13:51, 2 Feb 2016

Sony takes on the Oculus Rift with PlayStation VR

Android N Update: Google's Next BIG Android Build

Rumours 12:37, 29 Jan 2016

The next version of Android is already well under development

First Details About HTC One M10 LAND

News 12:20, 29 Jan 2016

HTC One M10 will arrive in April following March launch

Google Nexus 7

Nexus 7 (2016) Rumoured For Google I/O Launch

Rumours 15:18, 28 Jan 2016

Huawei is back on the Nexus project with a Nexus 7 tablet for 2016, rumours claim

Does Apple DREAM of Electric Cars?

News 16:27, 27 Jan 2016

Is Apple about to get into the electric car business? A LOT of sources and leaked information suggest so... but all is not well, apparently

Music Memos: Apple Wants To Make Sweet Music With You

News 16:05, 25 Jan 2016

Music Memos is Apple’s newest stand-alone iOS app in years