Apple's Planning A HOLY TRINITY of Handsets For 2016

Rumours 15:55, 24 May 2016

2016 COULD see the release of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus AND the iPhone SE -- now wouldn't THAT Be special!

iPhone 7: What's The Situation With iPhone 7 Plus' Camera

Rumours 15:54, 24 May 2016

How many versions of the iPhone 7 Plus will there be? Which ones will have dual-cameras? What is going on?!

Apple's BIG 2016 Road Map Detailed

Rumours 15:47, 24 May 2016

It’s going to be one of Apple’s busiest years ever.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active LEAKS

News 15:15, 24 May 2016

Samsung is working on a "rugged" Galaxy S7 Active variant of the Galaxy S7

Google Play Arriving On Chromebooks This Summer

News 15:12, 24 May 2016

Google is giving Chromebooks access to the full Android apps catalogue

Is Apple Saving ALL The Big Changes For The iPhone 7s?

Rumours 14:14, 24 May 2016

The iPhone 7s is apparently where ALL the big changes are happening... ROLL ON, 2017!

Motorola Razr Flip-Phone is Getting REBOOTED

News 12:11, 24 May 2016

Motorola teases Razr flip-phone nostalgia for upcoming June event

What's Currently Known About The OnePlus 3

News 11:43, 24 May 2016

OnePlus' third handset emerges as the...OnePlus 3!

New MacBook Pro To Feature TouchID and Mini-OLED Touchscreen

News 10:23, 24 May 2016

Apple’s cooking up some new MacBook Pro models, and they’re sounding pretty darn tasty

Android N Preview: New Features & Tweaks

Rumours 15:40, 23 May 2016

The next version of Android -- Android N -- is now available as a developer preview. Here's everything you need to know

Google Ara: In 2017 Smartphones WILL Go Modular

News 13:58, 23 May 2016

Google's Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could re-define the market

Samsung Announces 6GB 10nm LPDDR4 RAM Chip

News 12:58, 23 May 2016

Yep -- 6GB of RAM is a thing. Samsung’s 6GB 10nm LPDDR4 RAM chip gets official on the cusp of Galaxy Note 6 launch

Nokia C1 Leaks Running ANDROID & Windows 10

News 11:23, 23 May 2016

Nokia's return to the mobile space is happening end of 2016 with the leaked Nokia C1

Apple To Use LG G5 "Dual-Camera" Tech For iPhone 7

Rumours 10:28, 23 May 2016

The iPhone 7 Plus Will Implement LG G5 Imaging Technology, According To Analysts

Google Daydream: VR For Android N Phones is HERE

News 15:29, 20 May 2016

Meet Daydream, Google’s solution for VR in Android

Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus Now OFFICIAL

News 14:33, 20 May 2016

Lenovo has announced the Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus

ALL-GLASS iPhone 7s In The Pipeline For 2017 Release

News 13:20, 20 May 2016

Apple supplier CEO says there will be ONE all-glass iPhone in 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date Tipped For August 15

Rumours 11:35, 20 May 2016

Samsung could be planning to turn the Galaxy Note series into laptop hybrids

Google Announces Android Wear 2.0

News 10:42, 20 May 2016

Google reveals revamped smartwatch OS with Android Wear 2.0

Google Home: Like Amazon Echo, Just More HAL 9000

News 19:22, 19 May 2016

Google Home takes the fight directly to Amazon’s Echo. Are you ready to meet your future digital butler?