DocPrinter review

Reviews Rob Potter 16:34, 8 Oct 2009

We review DocPrinter, a networked printer solution for the Apple iPhone

As the iPhone gets cleverer we’ve found ourselves piling our entire digital life on board.

Calendars, e-mails, and of course, attachments all have a place on Apple’s handheld and it’s increasingly replacing our laptop. But there’s a problem. Information on the iPhone tends to stay there. At least, until you install DocPrinter.

It’s the Ronseal of iPhone apps, doing exactly what you’d expect and spitting documents direct from your phone to a networked printer.

We tested it with a Samsung laser printer, hooked up through USB to a household Wi-Fi router. Before we knew it, pages were flying, with photos, documents and webpages rendered in the same quality we’d expect from a desktop.

But it doesn’t end with the files stored on the iPhone itself. DocPrinter can grab files housed on remote drives too. We used it to grab a file from Apple’s MobileMe servers, simply logging in and grabbing the goods for printing without a PC or Mac in sight.

For anyone who organises their life around the iPhone, it’s an essential install. Seeing Apple’s mobile print airline boarding passes, for example, is akin to experiencing an epiphany.

It’s a wonder Apple hasn’t installed printing abilities on the iPhone as standard, but until it does DocPrinter fills the gap with amazing efficiency and astounding results.

DocPrinter info

Ease of use:

Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Cost: £2.99

Developer: EuroSmartz 

Website/Demo: DocPrinter website


Download DocPrinter from

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