Google Now coming to Chrome

News Basil Kronfli 08:53, 11 Dec 2012

Google Now, Android's voice activated personal assistant looks set to be laying its card on Google's Chrome browser

Google Now is coming to Chrome, Google sources have revealed.

Google Now has fast become a staple for Android users running Jelly Bean. Many thought it was simply Google's answer to Siri when it first hit the scene at Google I/O earlier in 2012, but it's a lot more comprehensive than that thanks to its Google account integration and card system.

With such a great service under its belt, it's little wonder Google is looking to export Google Now to its Chrome OS and, in turn, the Chrome browser on Android.

The latest additions to Chromium, the project behind Google's Chrome OS indicates that this priceless service features in a string of code on the project site.

Brought to light by a certain François Beaufort, the string defines a section titled 'Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation'.

With the description indicating that the topic revolves around creating the top-level structure for showing Google Now cards in Chrome via Chrome Notifications, that's pretty conclusive stuff.

Cards are half of what Google Now is. These dip into your Google search results and Gmail and make educated guesses as to what you'll want to know.

The other half is the fantastic voice integration achieved by tapping Google Now's microphone symbol. By downloading offline voice recognition to your Android devices, it's able to quickly answer questions spoken to it.

As to whether the latter feature makes its way onto the Chrome version isn't clear as of yet, but one things for sure, if Google Now hit Chrome, it would give the browser a very tangible advantage over the competition.

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