Jolla smartphones available throughout Europe

News James Peckham 11:49, 19 Dec 2013

Jolla has launched its online shop in which customers throughout Europe can get their hands on a handset

Jolla has launched its online store and to celebrate it has released a new batch of smartphones for European customers. Jolla uses Sailfish OS Beta, an open mobile operating system allowing the user to have distinct dedicated Sailfish apps alongside all the latest Android offerings.

The company, based in Helsinki, Finland, released two pre-order campaigns earlier this year which sold out entirely. Anyone who pre-ordered devices will be shipped their handset before Christmas, while any orders now placed will be shipped at the beginning of January.

“Sales of Jolla smartphones are off to a great start and it is time to move on to the next phase by offering a new batch of Jolla smartphones to new customers across Europe,” says Tomi Pienimäki, CEO of Jolla. “After solving some technical logistics issues all the shipments to pre-order customers in the EU will be shipped by Christmas. We want to thank all of our valued customers for their great support and patience to make this happen.”

Jolla handsets are avaliable for €399 (£334) from the company's new online store. Handsets offer a 4.5-inch IPS qHD display with 5-point multi-touch glass, 16GB of storage with a MicroSD for more, 1GB ram, an 8MP camera and a 2MP front facing snapper.

Jolla is also launching a feedback platform to help facilitate co-creation. There a portal at which hopes to get customers discussing which features work well, which need improvement and what they’d like to see next.

Pienimäki continued, “We launched Jolla with Sailfish OS Beta to put the product in the hands of real customers as soon as possible. We have received a lot of valuable feedback, for example, regarding power management and most wanted features, and we are reacting quickly. We have already released two updates for the OS and are expecting to rapidly improve the capabilities with frequent over the air updates.”

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Im from UK, I tried ordering the phone. The website will not allow me to make a payment with a VISA card. When I get to a page asking me 'Select an authentication method' The page list 8 methods to choose from, none of these methods are familiar to me. Is this because im from UK? Same is happening to my friend.

I want a phone...

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