Spotify: no imminent plans to launch a BlackBerry 10 app

News Richard Goodwin 21:59, 27 Apr 2013

First Netflix, now Spotify? Where is the BlackBerry 10 love?

Spotify will not be coming to BlackBerry 10 anytime soon, the music-streaming company has revealed. That means BlackBerry Z10 users, at least for the time being, are stuck uploading songs and albums the old fashioned way: via SD Card and internal memory.

Spotify, now available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, is one of the most popular music services of its kind. Available in a variety of modes: free, ad-free, and premium ad-free, with the latter being the most mobile friendly as it allows you to download tracks for offline listening.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins waxed lyrical about the number of apps BlackBerry 10 would have at launch. It had Angry Birds for instance, the New York Times, and USA Today, as well as Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. There were notable absentees, however, like the promised WhatsApp, the only film reference utility you’ll ever need, IMDb, and of course Netflix.

BlackBerry assured us more apps were on the way, but we now know that Netflix has no plans to develop for the platform, which is a huge blow – Netflix is available for everything. Even Windows RT. Couple that with Spotify and you have a serious - one that'll likely be noticed.

‘We're always looking to bring Spotify to new and interesting platforms and continue to monitor user feedback, but we've no imminent plans to launch a BlackBerry 10 app,’ a Spotify spokesperson told Know Your Mobile.

And while the statement doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Spotify launch on BB10 entirely, the possibility of getting a Spotify app for BB10 within the next six months seems unlikely. Our guess is that Spotify is waiting to see how consumers react to BB10 once more hardware, namely the BlackBerry Q10, is available.

It’s early days yet but BlackBerry remains optimistic about initial sales of its first BB10-powered smartphone. Got a BlackBerry Z10 already? What apps are you missing most?

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I've got a Z10. What I miss the most is the stuff that we all used to take for granted on Blackberries - simple set-up, usb sync, searchable memos, no delays in major apps like Twitter and Facebook. I could go on...

i have got a z10.what i miss the most apps like skype and most famous games like temple run and some other games.

Went to purchase a BBZ10 today, changed my mind as there's no Spotify. Just when I thought BB turned the corner......

I have a Z10. Love the phone. Was hoping for Spotify, Words with Friends, Skype and Spotify. Hoping those companies will change their minds and develop apps for BB. That is really all this phone is missing in comparison to others.

exactly! couldn't put it better myself

I got a Q10 today. No Spotify and no Grindr. Not at all happy.

Damn Spotify...I'm using premium on my mac, not bad!

But on my WP7.5 it sucked!! So I bought an android smartphone, Spotifiy on that device was very nice, but I didn't liked the rest of the software, so now I'm back on my old fashioned WP7.5 and I am sad again.

If those guys in California would have a more user friendly company strategy I would buy an iPhone, but that's probably my very last option.

I'm just tired of searching alternative Smartphones just to run damn spotify on is sad indeed, that users as me have to choose their mobile phone according to the availability of applications on the running OS.

If spotify would appear on BB10, the Q10 would be a very attractive device.

And again...Spotify SUCKS on Windows Phone 7.5!!!

Deezer is great! It's an Android port but it's better than nothing. Deezer itself is very good. Premium allows unlimited offline songs, simultanious streams on different devices at the same time, upload of you iTunes library to the cloud, tools to transfer your Spotify and Rdio playlists, website is simple and large Library.


15 Days free Premium Trial!

Where did Deezer come from???

I am fedup of waiting on a Spotify app for Z10 and as usual, Spotify doesn't discuss unreleased plans :| So no clue when or if to expect one...

Just want the god damn Spotify!! As premium customer, I am very disapointed. Camoon!!

- Z10 user

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