Darth Vader posts "official" selfie on Star Wars Instagram

News James Peckham 10:32, 3 Dec 2013

Darth Vader kicks off Star Wars official Instagram account with selfie, but is the dark lord using an iPhone?

Star Wars has joined Instagram and begun posting images with a Darth Vader selfie. The photo had a caption of “Another day at the office. #StarWars #DarthVader #selfies #gpom”. It currently has over 17,000 likes on the site.

The tweet sent to followers of the official Star Wars Twitter account said, “It’s useless to resisit.” It was then followed by two behind the scenes pictures from the original trilogy. First an image of Luke and Vader’s battle in The Empire Strikes Back, which was captioned with “Prepare for battle! #StarWars #BehindTheScenes#Latergram #Vadergram.”

Next up was a concept model of the Star Destroyer featured in A New Hope. The Instagram account has gained 64,000 followers in only 14 hours, and is growing fast proving Star Wars is still a popular franchise.

Maybe this Instagram account could be a way to bring about more Star Wars news and behind the scenes photos as we get nearer to the next lot of Disney-backed films. Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to begin shooting early next year and is expected to be released in December 2015.

Disney bought Lucasfilm last October for £2.5 billion and plans to release a brand new trilogy of films over the next few years.

Vader has jumped on the bandwagon of the word “selfie”, which was added to the Oxford English Dictionary and voted word of 2013 beating the likes of “twerk” and “schmeat”. 

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