The Adventures of Simon Pegg review

Reviews Damien McFerran 13:50, 14 Mar 2011

We review The Adventures of Simon Pegg, an Android graphic novel app based on the 'bloke from Spaced'


Who would have thought the unassuming nerd that graced the cult TV show Spaced would eventually become a major player in Hollywood, gracing box-office hits and getting to play Scotty in the big-screen reboot of Star Trek?

Simon Pegg has certainly come a long way from his sitcom days, and the fact that he is able to publish a graphic novel which portrays him as a buff superhero only goes to prove this fact.

However, as obvious as it may sound, The Adventures of Simon Pegg isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. This lavishly-illustrated graphic novel is packed with toilet humour, nerd jokes and references to Pegg’s past. Pegg is cast as the hero, ably assisted by his robotic manservant, Canterbury, and fans of his previous work will be immediately at home with the crude humour and witty banter.

It’s not just the content of this comic which impresses, though. The way in which it’s been put together is equally agreeable, boasting a combination of manual frame transitions, automatic movement (for particularly tense action sequences) and pinch-to-zoom functionality. There’s even limited interaction at points, which makes the reader feel that little bit more involved.

The biggest problem with this app is that it’s only 68 pages long, and it’s quite possible to zoom through it in a few scant minutes. Naturally the same criticism could be levelled at any comic, and chances are your average Marvel or DC issue would cost you more than the £1.79 being asked for in this case.

However, with print comics you’re getting something tangible which can be collected and stored away. This is a digital comic which ceases to exist as soon as you exit the app, and that will be a major stumbling block for fans of the medium.

Another bugbear is the fact that The Adventures of Simon Pegg feels very much like a trainer app for Pegg’s full-blown autobiography, Nerd Do Well. It’s referenced during the narrative and there’s even a link at the end to purchase the tome on Amazon. While we’re perfectly happy with a mild bit of shilling, it feels a little exploitative here. A more sensible route would have been to make this app free and use it as a carrot to entice people to purchase Pegg’s memoirs.

Such moaning is moot, however. If you’re a fan of the great man-child then you’ll get more than your £1.79’s worth out of this download. Pegg’s unique brand of humour is etched into each frame and Gaz Roberts’ intricate and dynamic illustrations bring the dialogue to life.

While we’re of the opinion that this would actually work better as a proper comic, the digital delivery is worthy of praise, especially during moments of action when the app takes over and speeds you through each frame with perfect precision.

The Adventures of Simon Pegg isn’t an app you’re going to return to after you’ve finished reading, but for fans of Pegg it’s a neat little bonus and the perfect way to build yourself up for his biog.


Platform Android
Cost £1.79
Version 1.0
Developer Cornerstone Publishing
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