More gold iPhone 5S pictures unveiled, showing internals

News Clare Hopping 10:09, 23 Aug 2013

More gold iPhone 5S pictures have appeared online and this time, you can look inside the device

The iPhone 5S has been unveiled in gold, with the internal components on show too.

App Advice released the pictures that show the back plate, SIM card slot and buttons.

The website obtained the shots from its sources and notes, 'It’s interesting that most all of the internals of this rumoured iPhone housing are gold as well. This kind of attention to detail leads us to believe that these photos could be the real deal.'

The iPhone 5S snaps also show what is purported to be the iPhone 5S in black and silver.

More pictures of the iPhone 5S in gold appeared online yesterday, this time compared with the iPhone 5.

The pictures, leaked by Sonny Dickson show the iPhone 5S gold chassis compared with a silver and a black iPhone 5.

However, some of the chassis is missing - presumably because the device shown is a prototype - but from what is available, we like what we see.

TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler says he has been told by 'multiple sources' there will be a gold iPhone 5S.

Siegler said:

'Yes, there will be a gold iPhone. That’s the latest I’m hearing from multiple sources after several weeks of rumors and possible component leaks suggesting the same thing. At first, I couldn’t believe Apple would break from the tradition of offering the simple choice: black and white (or 'slate' and 'silver' if you prefer for the iPhone 5) for their flagship device. Gold simply seemed too gaudy, perhaps even tacky. But a few compelling arguments countered my disbelief. And now, upon checking, sure enough, there will be gold.'

Parts for a gold iPhone 5S have leaked over the last few months, including a SIM card tray, so it seems likely the company would break away from its usual black and white/silver tradition.

According to Ally Kazmucha at iMore, a gold iPhone 5S would be the 'easiest color to anodize onto an iPhone', much easier than black.

Siegler went on to say that a gold edition would make the device more attractive to those in emerging markets where coloured devices are more popular.

Apple is trying to 'upsell' to these customers, possibly trying to convince them to purchase the iPhone 5S rather than the cheaper, plastic iPhone Light or iPhone 5C that is also set to be launching in a range of colours in the coming months.

The golden iPhone 5S has now been spotted in the wild with a photo emerging via MacBoutic. The image simply shows the back panel rather than a complete phone but there is no way of telling whether it's real or a hoax.

T3 reported the leak and noted the Apple logo and iPhone branding had been blurred:

'Anodisation experts speaking to confirmed that when an iPhone undergoes the process, the logo and writing becomes faded. They also raised doubts about the legitimacy of the phone,' the site reports.

At the very least, if this is a mock-up rather than the real deal, it does give a visual clue as to what a gold iPhone 5S could look like.

Prominent tech site AllThingsD has now thrown its weight behind rumours of a gold iPhone 5S saying it has heard from 'sources in a position to know'. Other sources to independently back up the claims include iMore and 9to5Mac.

AllThingsD reports that the gold colour is an 'elegant' shade and was told to 'think champagne, not ingot,' so it's not going to be mirror reflective or anything like that. The gold coloured model will have a white front fascia, the back plate and sides will be gold and it will feature 'chamfered edging'.

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Is there anything cheesier than fake gold? It may be a big hit on the Jersey Shore or among wanna-be gangsta rappers, but it's very out of character for a company like Apple that once prided itself on quality and sophistication. What's next, an iPhone covered in plastic rhinestones? The gold color may be easier (see: cheaper) to anodize, but it's downright tacky. The iPhone is going to go from being a premium product, to a product that tries to imitate something more expensive. Apple's brand has already taken some hits, but decisions like this are going to simply kill its value completely. Who at Apple thinks it's a good idea to put their iPhone in the same league as a fake rolex or costume jewelry?

I like it. I'd rather have a lime-green one cuz I'm like that.

The gold version is going to fly off of the shelves. It is already a hot topic of interst on twitter in which people are clamouring to be the ones to get it on release. Celebrities from the worthless Kardashians to Lil Wayne will eat this up. You may not like the color scheme...I may not like it....but it will sell like no other. You don't have to believe me now. Just sit back and watch.

I reckon the gold version of the iPhone 5s will be limited edition in honour of i.e. steve jobs!!!!!!!

I agree, but if they get the gold how can they see it with their diamond covered cases?

That's precisely the problem. Apple has always been a premium brand. It's stood for quality, minimalism, sophistication. The exact opposite of the Kardashians and Jersey Shore crowd. Even if it does fly off the shelves, I think it does more harm than good by making the Apple brand look cheesy and low rent.

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