Kitsound Boomdock review

Reviews Clare Hopping 12:04, 9 Jun 2011

We review the Kitsound Boomdock, a punchy speaker system and iDock that won our accessory of the year 2010

Punchy sound, Attractive, Doubles as alarm clock
FM radio rather than DAB, Remote control takes getting used to
A fantastic speaker system and iDevice dock, that looks good and sounds better than anything in its price range

It's very rare we get a product in for review that we never want to give back, but the KitSound Boomdock has to go down as one of the essentials if you have an iPhone or iPod.

When the speaker first arrived in the office, we were stunned at the size and glossy good looks of the speaker.

On the front of the large sleek speaker, is a panel with a volume knob and series of small buttons. Above these, there's an LCD display.

The Boomdock is easy peasy to set up. Just plug it in, turn it on and select whether you want it to play the radio or your iPhone/iPod.

You'll have to put your iPhone into flight mode, otherwise you'll find the usual interference, but that's no big issue.

We used our iPhone connected to Homesharing to stream the music from our computer to the iPhone, so it works fine with Wi-Fi turned on.

Sound can be cranked up as high as you like, with very little distortion at all. You may need to turn the bass down a tad, but this is no bother at all.

The FM/AM radio took a little time to get right, but you'd expect that with a wired aerial. After all, the BoomDock is built for iDevices and that point it does well.

A remote control comes bundled with the Boomdock and although at first, you'll have to work out how to navigate through the iPhone or iPod's menus, it's easy once you've used it a couple of times.

KitSound has added an alarm feature too, so you can set the unit to alarm clock mode, select a tune you want to wake up to on your iDevice and at the set time, your ears will be filled with the punchy sound of whatever gets you up in the morning.

The best thing about the Boomdock? It's available for less than £100 - something you'll seldom find with such a quality speaker. In fact, this makes it a tastier option than the Bose SoundDock, which will cost twice the price.

The KitSound Boomdock is certainly a speaker and dock system that should be considered if you're looking to replace your existing speaker system. It's not just us telling you that, it's your fellow readers who voted the speaker number one in our awards!


Typical Price £100

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