Samsung’s New “AirPod-Style” Headphones COMING With Galaxy Note 8


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will launch on August 23 and aims to pick up where last year’s Galaxy Note 7 left off, adding in a load more sales for Samsung before the close of 2017.

We know quite a bit about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now. Leak after leak has resulted in a pretty clear picture of the handset. But there is something new we learned about over the weekend – a pair of headphones.

Yes, according to reports, Samsung is working on a pair of Bluetooth headphones that MIGHT be bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 once it gets released. These headphones, which will be wireless, of course, are likely the result of Apple’s huge success with its AirPods.

The Samsung Bluetooth headphones will apparently be designed for superior sound quality and have features built-in that will assist the user when interacting with Bixby.

The headphones will also feature a new, proprietary noise canceling technology designed for improved audio performance – think Bose QC35’s just in earbud form.

“A Samsung representative did confirm the existence of the product,” notes BGR, “and the fact that it’s made for easier interaction with Bixby, but said the company could not disclose any release date information about the product.”

The rep also didn’t mention anything about price, either. Given the pitch of these headphones, however, you can expect to be paying north of $100 once they eventually land.

Bundling them in with the Galaxy Note 8, however, would certainly sweeten the deal for a lot of floating voters. Headphones – good headphones, anyway – are often prohibitively expensive, and therefore often not optioned by many, so including them in with the Note 8 would definitely be a good marketing angle for Samsung.

The headphones will almost certainly be sold separately as well for both Android and iPhone users. This way Samsung will make the maximum bang for its respective buck on the accessories.

Finger’s crossed we’ll find out more before the Galaxy Note 8 launches on August 23.

But I Want Some New Headphones NOW!

If you’re after a decent pair of wireless headphones that kick A LOT of ass when it comes to sound quality and noise cancellation, you really cannot go wrong with a pair of Bose’s QC35’s – though they are rather pricey!


Not only do these headphones looks superb, and they’re also worn by plenty of F1 drivers, but they also feature some of the best noise cancelling technology I have ever experienced. I was so taken with these headphones when I reviewed them, I actually went out and bought a pair for myself (via Amazon) – and that doesn’t happen very often.

If you’re after something a lot more portable, however, then another great option are these wireless earbuds from SAVFY. These are teeny tiny earbuds come with a cute recharging port and boast some of the best sound quality around for earphones of this kind.


I mean, just check out these specs and features:

  • TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS: Pairing 2 cordless earbuds wirelessly like Apple AirPods. No line limited, sharing the music or movie voice with your wife, children, parents or your friends. No more worries about the cord bouncing, tapping, or rubbing on something. No more noise when you move and no more cords stuck to your neck when you sweat.
  • WORKING MODES & CALL PRIVACY: You can pair two small earphones into a pair then you can experience totally cable free stereo sound. This Bluetooth earbuds can be used as one single earbud for keeping an ear open to the traffics or used as a pair to enjoy music. To protect your privacy, only the mast headset can be used alone and to answer calls.(the left earbud get bluetooth signal from the right earbud and reply on it)
  • TRULY WIRELESS STEREO PAIRING VIA BLUETOOTH 4.1: Bluetooth 4.1 with advanced audio decode technology enables wireless connections to your smartphones and other Bluetooth devices and gives these ultra-small stereo wireless headphones unparalleled sound quality. And Voice prompts for calls, pairing and caller ID are transmitted directly to the wireless headset. Noise reduction and echo cancellation technology filters ambient noise and enables clearer sound during calls and when listening to music.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE WITH PORTABLE MAGNETIC CHARGER: With unique conductive portable charging system, Simply put your earbuds near the charging interface and they will be held in place magnetically and never have to worry about running out of battery on your wireless headphone. Up to 2-3 hours for playing time by itself. The small lipstick size portable charger can recharge the Bluetooth headset up to 2 times, total provides up to 3-5 hours of talk time.
  • DESIGNED FOR SPORT and UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The WaterSafe nano coating technology ensures that it’s sweatproof, water resistant, and IPX5 waterproof. Making this wireless Bluetooth headphones perfect for the gym, running, biking, hiking, exercising, and any other activity. Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Android system smart phones or tablets.

They’re pretty cheap too at £69.99 (oh, and they’re also available in Black if Teal is not your thang!).

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