Apple is working on the HomePod 2 and HomePod mini 2. Here’s what we know so far…

Fans of the original HomePod will be delighted to hear that, yes, it is making a comeback of some sorts. Apple is rumored to be working on both a new HomePod and HomePod mini. Right now these are dubbed the HomePod 2 and HomePod mini 2, but those names may change upon the release of the products.

Here’s what we know about the HomePod 2 and HomePod mini 2 so far…

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A HomePod History

Apple introduced the original HomePod in February 2018 – or just over four and a half years ago. At the time the HomePod was widely lambasted for its high price compared to other smart speakers. Apple charged a whopping $349 for it, before reducing the price to a still-expensive $299.

To put that in perspective, many smart speakers in 2018 cost between $50 and $100.

However, people soon found out that the HomePod earned its price. Its sound quality was wildly better than your average, cheap smart speaker. And soon, music aficionados fell in love with the HomePod, despite its high price.

Yet after the introduction of the HomePod, the device remained untouched by Apple for years besides receiving minor software updates. But then things changed in 2020. In November of that year, Apple introduced the HomePod mini – a successor to the original HomePod. Though the mini didn’t feature the same level of acoustics as the original HomePod, it came in at one-third the price (only $99) and with a much smaller footprint.

As the original HomePod sales continued to languish, the new HomePod mini found a larger group of consumers willing to splash out just $99 on an Apple smart speaker. And in March 2021, with the HomePod mini growing only more popular, Apple discontinued the original HomePod.

HomePod 2 & HomePod mini 2: Features

But there is good news for the original HomePod fans: Apple is rumored to be bringing the larger, more acoustically sound HomePod back to the market. Right now this upcoming larger HomePod is being referred to as the HomePod 2, though Apple could just name it “HomePod” again or give it a new name altogether.

And there’s also news that Apple is working on a refreshed HomePod mini, dubbed the HomePod mini 2 by many.

So what do these next-generation Apple smart speakers have in store?

Right now, not a lot is known about what the HomePod 2 and HomePod mini 2 will feature. It’s likely the HomePod mini 2 will receive a relatively modest update. You can probably expect a new lineup of colors for the HomePod mini 2 and, perhaps, an updated CPU – most likely the S8 CPU, which is rumored to power the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

As for the HomePod 2, we have a bit more information about that device. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated in his PowerOn newsletter that the HomePod 2 is codenamed B620 and will feature sound quality that is more similar to the original HomePod than the HomePod mini.

It’s currently unknown if the HomePod 2 will retain the same design as the original or if Apple will go for a more HomePod mini-inspired design with bold colors.

Though this is just speculation, it’s possible Apple could call the HomePod 2, the “HomePod Pro” given their fondness for applying the “pro” label to their higher-end devices.

HomePod 2 & HomePod mini 2: Price

For the HomePod mini 2, it’s likely Apple will retain the same $99 price point, especially if significant new features are not added. 

But the picture is less certain for the HomePod 2. Many people still believe that the original HomePod was doomed because of its high $349 (then $299) price point. Will Apple attempt a similar price point with the HomePod 2? Only time will tell.

HomePod 2 & HomePod mini 2 Release Date

It’s widely believed the HomePod 2 and HomePod mini 2 won’t ship until fall 2023 at the earliest. But sometime in 2024 is also a possibility.

Update: the 2023 HomePod is here!

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