Do AirPods Have MagSafe?

Does Apple’s MagSafe charging work with AirPods?

Wondering do AirPods have MagSafe? It’s a common question – and until recently the answer was “no.” But everything changed with the introduction of the AirPods (3rd generation). But even then things aren’t so simple.

It’s best to just dive in in order to explain.

What Is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is a type of conductive charging that allows you to place a device on a charging pad in order to power up the battery. Though it’s called “wireless” charging, it’s not truly wireless as a connection is required and power isn’t transferred over the air.

Wireless charging is found in everything from recent iPhones to some AirPods.

However, keep in mind that it’s still not the kind of wireless charging we all dream of – where a power signal can be transferred through the air just like we can get wireless internet on our device now. Hopefully one day that will happen, however.

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What Is MagSafe Charging?

MagSafe charging is Apple’s proprietary charging technology. It’s essentially wireless charging + magnets. 

With a regular wireless charging pad, you have to manually line up your device (say an iPhone 12) on the charging pad so the charging coils in the device line up as well as possible with the charging coils in the pad. If you misalign charging speeds could slow or the device might now charge at all.

That’s where MagSafe comes in. Due to the magnets in MagSafe, a device capable of wireless charging snaps into place on a MagSafe charger. In other words, the device perfectly aligns every time with the charging pad.

MagSafe charging was first introduced on the iPhone 12 series and is included in the iPhone 13 series as well. And with the introduction of the third-generation AirPods, MagSafe charging is built into their charging case too.

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What AirPods Have Wireless Charging?

Technically, no AirPods have built-in wireless charging. It’s their cases that do. However, whether or not your AirPods and its charging case have wireless charging depends on what model you buy.

  • AirPods Pro: all AirPods Pro comes with a wireless charging case.
  • AirPods (first-gen): the first-generation AirPods did not include a wireless charging case.
  • AirPods (second-gen): the second-generation AirPods were sold with and without a wireless charging case, depending on which model you bought. But after October 2021, Apple only sells the second-gun AirPods with a wired charging case.
  • AirPods (third-gen): the third-generation AirPods include a wireless charging case.
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What AirPods Have MagSafe?

Apple bought MagSafe to the AirPods line in October 2021. However, only select models of AirPods have MagSafe.

  • AirPods Pro: If you bought your AirPods Pro from Apple after October 18, 2021, it should have come with a MagSafe charging case.
  • AirPods (third-gen): the third-generation AirPods include a MagSafe charging case.

Do AirPods Have MagSafe?

Some do, some don’t. Apple brought MagSafe to AirPods in October 2021. AirPods that offer MagSafe charging are the third-generation AirPods and, if you bought them after October 18, 2021, the AirPods Pro.

The original AirPods and the second-generation AirPods do not offer massage charging.

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