The iPod reversed Apple’s fortunes. But does Apple make one anymore?

Wonder does Apple make iPods anymore? It’s a common question as there is perhaps no more iconic of an Apple device than the company’s digital music player.

The original iPod debuted in late 2001 boasting a then-massive 5GB hard drive and the ability to carry 1,000 songs in your pocket. Though Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1998 and quickly overhauled the company, introducing the popular iMac desktop computer, which sold well, it was the iPod that really put Apple on the track to being the tech behemoth it is today.


iPod History

The 2001 iPod is one of the most iconic tech devices of all time. But by today’s standards, its bulky body and mechanical scroll wheel look positively archaic. And though it was a success with Mac users, Apple wasn’t going to rest on its laurels.

In 2002 the company introduced the second-generation iPod. This time the iPod ditched the mechanical scroll wheel for a touch wheel. 2003 saw the third generation iPod unveiled with four touch buttons replacing the button that once lined the scroll wheel. 

By 2003 the iPod was a worldwide phenomenon and it quickly made Apple one of the most celebrated tech companies in the world. Then in 2004 Apple really upped its iPod game. The 2004 iPod was the first with a color display. But Apple also introduced the iPod mini that year. The original iPod mini is widely considered one of the most beautiful devices Apple has ever made.

The fifth-generation iPod in 2005 saw the debut of the iPod as a video player. It was the first iPod that could play videos bought from the iTunes Store. Also in 2005, Apple introduced the iPod shuffle. Now this was truly the smallest iPod ever – because it lacked a screen. But that same year, Apple introduced the iPod nano, too, which replaced the iPod mini. The nano was another smash hit. 

Apple kept iteration on its iPod lineup in 2006, but then in 2007 everything changed…

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The iPhone & The Death Of The iPod 

In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone. This device was nothing less than revolutionary as before its debut mobile phones had physical keypad/boards and lacked any advanced touch screen interfaces. The iPhone crowned Apple the king of the technology world and to this day it is still Apple’s most successful, profitable, product.

But the success of the iPhone also made it clear dedicated music players – like the iPod – were slowly being shown the door. After all, why do you need an iPod when your iPhone can hold all your music in addition to being a phone and internet device?

But 2007 did see a brand new iPod product, too – the iPod touch. This iPod was essentially an iPhone with the cellular capabilities removed. As for the iPod, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle, Apple continued making them for years after the iPhone’s debut. But the last of those non-touchscreen iPods to receive a major update was the iPod nano in 2012.

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Does Apple Make iPods Anymore?

Apple still makes the iPod touch, but the company does not make any of the iconic iPods anymore – that is iPods with scroll wheels. If you want a classic iPod, you’ll need to buy one used and it will be almost a decade old at least.

As for the iPod touch, Apple last updated it in 2019. It still looks like a slimmed-down iPhone. And while it remains on sale to this day, one wonders how long Apple will continue to make the product.

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