Or does it have a battery?

Wondering does HomePod mini need to be plugged in? It’s a very common question!

The HomePod mini is Apple’s only smart speaker. However, it’s not the company’s first smart speaker. The HomePod mini debuted in November 2020 and came about two and a half years after the debut of the original HomePod.

The original HomePod was much bigger and very expensive – $349. Needless to say, mainly due to its price the HomePod did not sell well, especially when considering cheaper, smaller smart speakers from Amazon were widely available.

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Apple aimed to correct the mistakes of the original HomePod with the release of the HomePod mini in 2020. The HomePod mini originally came in space grey or white models and was much much smaller than the original HomePod at just 3.3 inches high x 3.9 inches wide (its mainly spherical in shape.

While the original HomePod is still technically superior to the HomePod mini, the mini served to be much more popular due to its small size, big sound, and cheap price – a HomePod mini is only $99.

What Does The HomePod mini Do?

The HomePod mini is a smart speaker. It uses Apple’s Siri voice assistant, and you can pretty much ask it anything you would ask Siri on your iPhone. Because of its round shape, the HomePod mini offers 360º audio sound from which it can play music from.

HomePod mini obviously works with Apple Music but it also works with third-party music services, Apple Podcasts, and online radio stations. The HomePod mini also works as an AirPlay speaker, so you can AirPlay content from your other Apple devices to the HomePod mini.

A big feature of the HomePod mini is that it acts as a kind of central home hub for the smartphone. If you have a HomePod mini, you can issue voice commands to your HomeKit-compatible smart home devices.

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What’s New With The 2021 HomePod mini?

In October 2021, Apple introduced new HomePod minis. However, these minis are identical to the original – they just feature three new color options: yellow, orange, and blue.

All HomePod minis still feature the same connectivity options, too: 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and Apple’s Ultrawideband chip, which lets the HomePod mini detect when certain iPhones are near it and transfer the currently playing some from them to itself.

Does HomePod mini Need To Be Plugged In?Pin

Does HomePod mini Need To Be Plugged In?

Yes. The HomePod mini needs to be plugged in. Though the HomePod mini has wireless capabilities, the device itself has no battery so it is not truly portable. It needs to be plugged into a wall charger in order to get power.

The HomePod mini includes the wall charger in the box – and Apple 20W power adapter. But another thing to keep in mind about the HomePod mini is that its cable is not detachable. The cable is fixed to the HomePod mini at its base, and the other end of the cable is the end that can be plugged into and removed from the power adapter. The cord is about six feet long.

The HomePod mini is a great little music gadget from Apple. The sound quality is really fantastic. However, the people who will get the most out of the HomePod mini are those who have a lot of smart home devices. And if this is the case, they should benefit from a HomePod mini in almost every room of their house.

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