Yes! And not one, but two…here’s how they are different.

Wondering does Apple make a dual power charger? People have been wondering that for quite a while. And their hopes for one got better as a rumored Apple dual power charger spread online earlier this year.

The good news is that Apple recently announced the release of not just one, but two Apple dual power chargers! Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s new dual power chargers…

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What Is A Dual Power Charger?

A dual power charger is simply a traditional power charger that plugs into a socket, but instead of just have one device plugged into the end of the power charger, you could have two. This is achieved by giving a dual power charger two inputs–most commonly in the form of two USB ports on the charger instead of the standard one.

Apple is far from the first to make a dual power charger. They’ve existed for years from third-party accessory makers. As a matter of fact, triple or even quadruple power chargers are common accessories nowadays.

Why Do People Buy Dual Power Chargers?

People who travel with lots of cadets find dual power chargers a godsend. Most of us have two, three, or even more gadgets we travel with – and not just when we go on vacation. We travel with these gadgets often even when we just commute to work. Think gadgets like a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even sports watch.

Those gadgets all need to be charged or else they’ll run out of battery power. Back in the day, if you were traveling with two or more gadgets you’d need to bring two or more power chargers with you if you wanted to keep them all charged – or power them all up overnight while you slept.

But dual power chargers eliminated the need to bring multiple power chargers with you if you only have two gadgets. Now you can just bring one power charger with you and plug both of your gadgets into it. 

Of course, if you have three or four gadgets, a dual power charger won’t cut it for all of them and in that case you are better off getting a triple or quadruple power charger (or simply two dual power chargers, which will let you charge four total devices).

Does Apple Make A Dual Power Charger?

Yes! Apple now makes a dual power charger – and not one, but two. Apple introduced the chargers alongside the new M2 MacBook Air in June 2022. However, each charger is slightly different when it comes to a design standpoint. Here’s how they differ:

  • 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter: This looks like a standard Apple laptop power adaptor. The prong portion of the adapter can be pulled off the main body and replaced with another regional prong from Apple’s separate World Travel Adapter Kit. This makes this dual power charger ideal for those who travel internationally.
  • 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter: This Apple dual power charger looks more like one you would get with an iPad. It’s smaller, thus the “compact” in its name. The prongs fold inward to make storage easy, but you cannot remove the prongs and replace them with a regional prong.

What Devices Do Apple’s Dual Power chargers Work With?

Apple’s dual power chargers work with a range of devices, according to the company. The works with the iPhone series 8 and later (including the iPhone SE 2nd and 3rd generation), all AirPods models, all Apple Watch models, all iPad Pro models, and select iPad, iPad mini, and MacBook Air models. You can find full compatibility lists for each Apple dual power adapter here (regular dual charger) and here (compact version).

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