What ports does the Apple TV have exactly?

Wondering does Apple TV have Ethernet? It’s a common question many people ponder. But ethernet is a decades-old technology that few consumers use anymore. So is it on the Apple TV?

Let’s take a look and explain why some people still like to use wired ethernet connections.

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What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a wired connection technology that delivers data to your computer (such as internet data) over a wired connection. Most people became accustomed to ethernet technology in the 1990s when DSL “high speed” internet was introduced into homes (as opposed to dial-up internet).

While dial-up internet required you to plug in a phone cable, DSL routers used ethernet connections (basically a thicker cable) to deliver data to routers and computers.

Ethernet connections allow for relatively high-speed data transfers to and from the computer/internet. However, in the early 2000s when Wi-Fi became the norm, most people stopped physically plugging in their computers to a DSL router via an Ethernet cable.

Why Still Use Ethernet?

Despite Wi-Fi connections being the norm as far as how we connect our devices to the internet in the 2020s, some people still prefer ethernet connections for certain devices.

While Wi-Fi is much more convenient because it is cordless and you can move your laptop anywhere in the house and still have an internet connection, Wi-Fi does have its drawbacks.

For example, Wi-Fi can still drop out from time to time, meaning you may have to reset your router before the Wi-Fi comes back on. Wi-Fi data speeds also slow down the farther a device is away from the wireless router. That means that if your router is on the first floor, those in the basement or third floor may have a slower connection or intermittent signal.

And this brings us to the benefits of ethernet connections. Though your device is tethered to a physical cable, your speeds will almost always be consistent and reliable. They’ll also be much faster speeds than you get over Wi-Fi. This is because very little can interfere with a hardwired ethernet connection where a lot can interfere with a wireless connection.

And this brings us to the question as to whether the Apple TV has an Ethernet connection. Why is that question so important for some people? Because ethernet connections have great benefits for streaming video.

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Use Ethernet For Optimal Video Steaming

Because of Ethernet’s virtues (a consistent, high-speed data connection), the technology is ideal if you want a perfect video streaming experience. This is especially true as data-hogging video formats like 4K become the norm.

Depending on how many devices are on your wireless network when you stream Netflix you may find the video lags or looks choppy. That’s because the wireless signals in your home are clogged.

But if you have an Ethernet connection to your video streaming device, the ethernet cable will not get “clogged.” It will also deliver the data much faster, which means the video on your screen will look much better.

Does Apple TV Have Ethernet?

Yes. The Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD both have an Ethernet port. That port is a Gigabit Ethernet connection. An ethernet connection will enable you to stream 4K video with the least possible hiccups.

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