News bands can radically later the look and style of your Apple Watch.

Wondering how often does Apple release new Apple Watch bands? It’s a question many of those new to the Apple Watch wonder soon after they get theirs. 

The Apple Watch is a fantastic device – no matter if you’ve got the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7, or the Apple Watch SE. Though all have various hardware differences, they all run the excellent watchOS, which is the operating system that powers the Apple Watch.

But one of the best things about the Apple Watch is the way you can truly personalize the look of yours – giving it a unique touch other Apple products lack. This is because of two things: the Apple Watch allows you to highly customize your Watch faces and the Apple Watch features easily interchangeable bands, which quickly lets you swap one band out for another.

Apple has made dozens of different bands for its Watch over the years, and the company releases new bands for the Apple Watch pretty regularly. But when do new Apple Watch bands come out? Here’s what you need to know.

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The Spring Collection

Apple doesn’t have a rigid schedule to when it releases new Apple Watch bands. However, usually by March or April Apple will release its first new Apple Watch bands of this year. This release is usually referred to as the spring collection and will be rife with new colors – many pastel to match the season.

But Spring Collection bands could also include new materials or totally new looks – it just really depends on what Apple feels like releasing at any given time.

And keep in mind that while historically Apple has released new Apple Watch bands in the spring, this isn’t a given – however, it’s not unlikely they will continue to do so.

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The Fall Collection

Another time Apple seems to release new Apple Watch bands is in the fall. This is usually timed with the release of new Apple Watches themselves. It is in the fall that we may even see an entirely new type of Apple Watch band. For example, in 2020, Apple introduced the all-new Solo Loop band, which was a band with no opening. It is essentially a rubber band for your wrist.

As you can guess from the season, Fall Collection bands are usually warmer/darker in color than Spring Collection bands. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. No matter what type of the year, new Apple Watch bands can vary greatly in color.

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Special Edition Collections

Apple also sometimes releases Summer Collections, which again feature new colors and designs. However, sometimes Apple eschews a Summer Collection in favor of special editions bands. For example, in 2021 Apple released the International Collection of bands in June to celebrate the (delayed) Tokyo Olympics.

But Special Edition Collections aren’t limited to the summer. It’s likely we could see a special edition collection for the upcoming Winter Olympics in China in 2022.

How Often Does Apple Release New Apple Watch Bands?Pin

How Often Does Apple Release New Apple Watch Bands?

The short answer is Apple seems to release at least some new Apple Watch bands every 3-4 months. That means that if you don’t like the current selection, you just need to wait a few months to see some new stuff.

And also keep in mind, there are tons of third-party band makers that make Apple Watch bands, so you can almost always find something that fits your look and style.

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