Moto X front and back panels leak

News Clare Hopping 07:44, 8 Jul 2013

The Moto X's front and back panels have leaked in pictures

The Moto X's front and back panels have leaked in pictures.

The snaps, courtesy of G for Games shows the front panel in white and black with the back panel in black.

The white panel doesn't feature the Motorola logo, but does feature a speaker slot, sensor hole and space for a front facing camera.

The space for the screen is almost edge-to-edge and there seems to be a tiny hole for the microphone at the bottom.

This black version looks completely different, with the Motorola logo at the top. It's not clear whether the same speaker slot and sensor holes are there, but we cab see a camera. The bezel is still pretty thin along the sides and it certainly looks very Motorola.

The rear of the Moto X looks to be made of soft touch material. There's a camera and flash below the lens.

We know with the Moto X, Motorola wants to offer a high level of customisation options, so maybe this black rear plate is the default while others can be purchased.

The Moto X is said to launch in the US on July 11, BUT there's no word on whether it'll be available in the UK.

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