BlackBerry Z5 leaked pictures show mid-range touch model

News Paul Briden 09:10, 6 Jun 2013

Pictures leaked online show what could be BlackBerry's mid-range, touch-only Z5 handset

Pictures have leaked online of the BlackBerry Z5, an entry level touch-only phone which is to the BlackBerry Z10 what the BlackBerry Q5 was to the BlackBerry Q10.

When BlackBerry launched BlackBerry 10 earlier this year it was widely rumoured the company would introduce six handsets to the market by the close of the year. The first was the BlackBerry Z10, a touch-only premium model.

The BlackBerry Q10 was also announced, though it release later, as a traditional model with a fixed Qwerty keyboard and a smaller touch display. The thought was that BlackBerry would release two models for each of the high-end, mid-range and budget price brackets and in each case one would be touch-only and the other would be a keyboard-toting variant.

We’ve since seen the BlackBerry Q5 launched at BlackBerry Live, a cheaper keyboard-equipped equivalent to the BlackBerry Q10 and now we have leaked images of the same treatment for the touch-only concept.

The pictures emerged via BlackBerry fan site Design wise the BlackBerry Z5 has a lot in common with the BlackBerry Q5’s language: it’s much curvier than the premium BlackBerry Z10 and sports what would appear to be a plastic chassis. There are no other details on specs at this point.

Berryflow states that it originally doubted the authenticity of the images, adding that it believed the front-facing picture to be a mockup. However, on questioning the tipster who sent these images the site received an additional picture of the corner of a similar looking device at an angle, suggesting it’s very real (either that or a highly competent photorealistic 3D render - unlikely).

The report says the tipster specifically labelled the device as the ‘Z5’, but berryflow points out it could also be the premium BlackBerry A10, details of which have also recently leaked.

There also isn’t any real sense of scale – could this be the rumoured BlackBerry 10 phablet device with a larger form-factor?

What’s not entirely clear at this point is whether the Q5 and Z5 handsets represent the mid-range of the budget range, it’ll be interesting to see if another tier emerges and where that will be priced.

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