How to soft reset your Sony Xperia T

User guides 16:16, 1 Nov 2012

We explain how to soft reset your Sony Xperia T if it stops responding temporarily

The Xperia T is a great mid-range smartphone which offers a number of useful features, but as with all hardware it will occasionally develop a hiccup which requires your attention. We've already touch upon the ultimate solution, the format, but there's a gentler option if your smartphone is simple frozen and won't respond to your fingertaps.

So if your device is refusing to reboot the old fashioned way, try this option, the soft reset:

  1. Press and hold the ‘Volume Up' key and the ‘Power' key, and count to five
  2. Wait for your device to vibrate
  3. As soon as you feel the vibration, release the keys
  4. Your device should reboot as normal

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