Nokia could produce first quad-core Windows Phone 8 handset

News Katie Gilbaugh 15:53, 17 Jun 2013

Benchmark results show Nokia has a quad-core Windows Phone 8 handset in the works

Nokia is working on the first quad-core Windows Phone 8 handset, according to leaked benchmark results.

The results turned up via the GFXBench benchmarking app's web-based database, showing a Qualcomm Adreno 305-toting chipset with 4 CPUs. While the chip name isn't dropped we can quickly conclude this is definitely a Qualcomm chip and both the Nokia name and Windows Phone 8 also show up.

The version of Windows Phone 8 isn't mentioned, but the GDR3 update of Windows Phone 8 is pegged to introduce support for both quad-core processors and 1080p  Full HD resolution displays. It's worth noting that the device listed in the benchmarks sports a 1280x720 pixel display resolution - the same as current-gen Windows Phone 8 devices - so it's not taking full advantage of GDR3 at this point.

Qualcomm recently announced that its Snapdragon 400 quad-core chip would support Windows Phone 8 with its four Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.2GHz, so that's one possible candidate. The company is also thought to have a number of other quad-core chips on the way but it's not clear if any are tailor-made for Windows Phone and there are few further details at present.

As always with benchmarks such as this, it could be a fake.

There's also the rogue element of rumours surrounding Nokia's EOS PureView cameraphone, which doesn't yet have a Lumia brand-name though it is known to run Windows Phone 8. It's also thought to have a 720p display and there's talk of a quad-core variant, possibly following the release of a dual-core model. The Nokia EOS features a 41-megpixel PureView camera with optical image stabilisation, Xenon flash and a mechanical shutter.

Nokia has an event schedule for July 11 in New York where it promises to 'reinvent the zoom'. We're expecting the Nokia EOS and, if we're lucky, it might be the device listed in these benchmarks. We'll keep you posted with more news as it emerges.


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