Has HTC soured on Windows Phone?

News Richard Goodwin 09:49, 14 Aug 2013

Nokia’s dominance of the Windows Phone space may cause HTC to call it a day, report suggests

HTC will likely drift away from Windows Phone as Nokia’s dominance of the space continues, reports suggest.

The HTC 8X and HTC 8X were arguably two of the best Windows Phone handsets from the past 12 months, earning the company a five percent share of the Windows Phone space. Nokia on the other hand controls around 80 percent.

DigiTimes claims the dominance of Nokia in the space may cause HTC to re-think its Windows Phone strategy. Specifically, the report claims that HTC will eventually drift away from the platform – although we could see one more device from the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer before the close of the year.

As usual, with a DT report, it’s advisable to take theses claims with a pinch of salt. However, it does make a good point. No one is making money from Windows Phone aside from Nokia – and even in that context, it’s hardly big bucks.

HTC is struggling to keep itself afloat at present after two years of poor results, diminishing market share at the expense of Samsung, and record-low share prices. The theory posited by DT suggests the company will abstain from Windows Phone in order to focus its energies on Android.

And that does make sense to a degree. But then there is of course the argument that it’d be good business for HTC to stay involved in the Windows Phone space. The space is no way near as competitive as the Android space, and Microsoft has shown in the past it is more than willing to assist supportive partners.

Windows Phone isn’t going to save HTC over night, but should the platform gain market traction in the coming years – as some analysts believe it will – then it does make sense for HTC, a relatively small fish in the global smartphone space, to have at least some vested interest in Microsoft’s mobile OS. Even if it is just keeping a toe in the water. 

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