Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! The Shamutanti Hills goes live

News Ben Griffin 14:54, 4 Jun 2010

From developer Seb EJ and Bright AI comes Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! The Shamutanti Hills for iPhone, at a sale price

If you are familiar with Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! game books, you may be happy to know the first in a series of iPhone eBooks has been released, in the form of The Shamutanti Hills for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Classed as a fighting fantasy gamebook / eBook, The Shamutanti Hills has players, or rather readers, playing as a wizard or warrior through an epic story - the choice affecting the necessary skills needed to progress through the adventure.

Your quest will take you on the vivid, fantasy adventure written by Steve Jackson, with the accompanying illustrations from John Blanche catering for the visuals.

‘Leaving the once-peaceful kingdom of Analand behind, you set off courageously into the wild, lawless land of Kakhabad, armed only with your trusty sword and your knowledge of the magic arts.’

‘Your mission is to recover the legendary Crown of Kings from the evil Archmage, who has it deep within his terrifying Fortress at Mampang. Without the guidance of the Crown, your homeland is lost...’

Having not read the works of Steve Jackson, we can’t comment on the content, but the iPhone app sure looks the business, combining a seemingly compelling story with interactivity that affects the final outcome - not one paper page in sight.

And from the sounds of things, the iPhone outing is true to the Sorcery! series. No doubt a big plus for fans.

With four books in the pipeline, new and old fans of fantasy tales could be in for a veritable, virtual treat.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! The Shamutanti Hills is out now, for £1.19 for a limited time. Usual price is £2.99.

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