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News Richard Goodwin 15:51, 24 Mar 2010

We review the Jabra Clipper, a wireless handsfree device that lets users make calls and listen to music via the magical process of Bluetooth

Bluetooth headsets have been doing the rounds for quite some time now and, while they may look a little silly, they’ve certainly caught on with the general public – especially taxi drivers and estate agents.

However, does the Jabra Clipper have what it takes to impress us? We put it to the test in and around London over a period of a couple of days.

The Jabra Clipper comes in a neat little box and involves barely any set up, which is something we always like.

You simply take it out of the box, plug the headphones in, sync it with your mobile via Bluetooth and you’re away – although, it’s probably advisable to give it a few hours on charge before you first use it.

The Jabra Clipper, as the name suggests, clips onto your clothes and features both a controller for music and a microphone for making and receiving calls. During testing we found that the Clipper worked best when worn just below shoulder level.

Looks wise, there isn’t really much to the Clipper – it’s very small, lightweight and is finished in a black soft touch finish.

There’s also a button hidden under the soft touch cover that allows you to turn up or down the volume of both music and phone calls. In addition to this, the button can also be used to skip forward and backwards when listening to music.

One of the main hang-ups we have with Bluetooth headphones is that, well they’re not particularly good at music streaming, which means they’re prone to dropouts out every now and then for a split second or two.

Sadly, the Jabra Clipper is no exception to this rule and we did experience signal drop-outs pretty constantly through the entire testing period – so much so, in fact, that we quickly grew tired of the interruption and gave up on this aspect of the device.

Fortunately, the call quality on the Jabra Clipper is very good and, although we’re not massive Bluetooth headset users, we had no complaints about the Clipper’s performance in this department.

Pairing the Clipper with your mobile is also very simple, you simply turn the Jabra Clipper on by pressing the button, turn the Bluetooth on your phone on and it should automatically pair-up with the Clipper. If it doesn’t, you’d probably best consult the user manual…

All in all, the Jabra Clipper is okay. The call quality is very good, and it’s super easy to set up and use. However, listening to music on it is basically a chore as it constantly drops out, which becomes very frustrating after a while.

However, if you’re willing to persist with it, who are we to stop you?

One last thing: the headphones that the Jabra Clipper comes with aren’t the best – our £10 ear buds were significantly better – so if you do choose to use it for music, we’d suggest you plug your own headphones in.

Jabra Clipper

Typical price: £39.99

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Lightweight design
Good call quality
Very simple to set up

Signal drops out quite a lot when listening to music
Earphones that it comes with it are rubbish

Verdict: The Jabra Clipper is a pretty decent device in terms of call quality and how easy it is to set up. However, listening to music on it isn't a pleasurable experience and for this reason it's not worth the best part of £40


More info: Jabra website

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