Splinter Cell: Conviction review

Reviews Peter Gibbons 14:06, 28 Apr 2010

We review Splinter Cell: Conviction, Gameloft's latest addition to the mobile Tom Clancy series

Splinter Cell games are abundant and plentiful in the gaming world for just one reason - the covert operations.

As much as taking on the role of super agent Sam Fisher often turns into an invigorating action blast-‘em-up, the Splinter Cell franchise wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for the emphasis on stealth.

A good Splinter Cell game is one in which you avoid the enemy - not wipe them all out.

So that’s the real question hanging over this latest addition to the mobile franchise: Does it keep the action cool, and the stealth hot?

And I’m delighted to answer that it does, making this not only the best mobile adaptation of the popular console series, but a valuable addition to the entire Splinter Cell canon.

Sam is no longer a government operative. In Conviction he’s gone rogue, and is on the hunt for his daughter’s killer.

The hunt has taken him to Malta, where it’s your job to help Sam infiltrate the evildoer’s lair and exact his own form of clandestine punishment.

Naturally, with Tom Clancy driving the plot, this essentially straight forward mission is packed with twists and turns as you discover a bomb that’s about to go off and a president who desperately needs his life saving.

We won’t go into too much detail, so as not to spoil the plot - suffice to say it’s worthy of any Tom Clancy novel.

The gameplay takes the established mixture of fighting, stealth and shooting that the series is now synonymous with, and does a great job of making Sam’s many abilities (climbing, dodging, hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship and so forth) impressively accessible through the limited mobile controls.

This is backed up with a host of fascinating features unique to each level, and will see you sliding down zip lines, blowing up aircraft, or climbing around the outside of a skyscraper.

The whole exciting Splinter Cell: Conviction package is then wrapped up in some excellent graphics and even better animation.

The quality of the character’s movements adds a surprising amount of depth to the game, adding a level of believability that’s rarely seen on a mobile title.

As is often the case with Splinter Cell, the emphasis on stealth does make for something of a slower game, so anyone looking for balls-out action could wind up a tad disappointed.

But this is clearly a game made specifically for fans of the Splinter Cell franchise, and if that’s you (which it should be) Splinter Cell: Conviction delivers on all fronts.

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Platform: J2ME

Category: Arcade, stealth, action

Publisher: Gameloft

Website/Demo: Gameloft Mobile

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