Dead Space review [Xperia Play]

Reviews Damien McFerran 14:58, 4 Nov 2011

We review EA’s acclaimed survival horror epic Dead Space on the Xperia Play to find out if any additional pairs of army-grade Y-fronts are required

Dead Space crams all the trouser-filling terror of the home console series into your humble Xperia Play

Porting a home console game on mobile is a risky business. The huge technological gap between the two mediums means you’re never going to achieve a totally authentic result and there’s simply no way a traditional pad-and-buttons interface can be entirely transferred to a touch-screen.

This thorny issue was faced by EA when the company released the iPhone version of Dead Space not so long ago. Wisely, the developers decided to create an entirely new storyline instead of attempting the thankless task of converting the home console original.

While the game was an complete success on that level, the curse of the touch-screen meant that it wasn’t quite as satisfying in terms of gameplay.

Roll on a few months and we’ve got the Xperia Play port of the game. As you probably already know, the Xperia Play comes equipped with proper gaming controls, thereby making many of the problems associated with the iOS version of Dead Space irrelevant.

Freed from the constraints of the touch-screen, Dead Space really shines. It’s a third-person survival horror game that places you on a dark and depressing space station and surrounds you with undead monsters. If you’re fond of games like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, you’ll be in your element here.


Reviewed On Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
Typical Price Free (until 2012)
Platform Android
Version N/A
Developer EA Mobile
Category Arcade & Action
Publisher EA Mobile

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