Mobile Guard review

Reviews Damien McFerran 17:33, 4 Feb 2011

We review Mobile Guard, an Android application that can kill tasks, optimise the performance of your handset and other useful things


If you browse the Android Market for any length of time then you’re certain to spot several applications which promise to improve and enhance the performance of your device.

Programs such as task killers, battery management apps and data traffic counters are depressingly commonplace, but to take advantage of all of these offerings ultimately means clogging your phone’s app storage with a multitude of stand-alone downloads. Mobile Guard is one of the first products available which offers all of these features within one package, and the benefits are instantly obvious.

The amount of functionality is impressive. Mobile Guard not only acts as a task killer which can be used to free up valuable processor memory, it also shows how much data you’re using, what applications you have installed, what’s using your battery and what files you have on your phone’s storage.

Although all of these processes can be accessed by firing up the app from your Application Drawer, the developers recommend you make full use of Mobile Guard’s fancy homescreen widget. This displays the overall status of your device, with figures for RAM health, battery life and how many tasks are currently in operation.

A big, friendly ‘optimize’ button allows you to quickly perform certain activities, determined by a customisable selection made in the app’s setting menu. For example, you can have all currently running apps terminated to free up memory, or tell the app to shutdown power-hungry services such as Bluetooth and WiFi. You’ll also find separate buttons on the widget to control these last two items, as well as your data sync.

Mobile Guard is a brilliant way of streamlining the management of your phone, and removes the need to have several different apps that specialise in just one task. The fact that you can effortlessly execute commands using the widget saves you having to dig deep into the default Android settings menu, too.

However, there are drawbacks. Although Mobile Guard does an excellent job of indentifying the apps that are hogging too much CPU power, it’s quite a glutton itself when it comes to gobbling RAM – it uses around 18-20MB during standard use, which is a big chunk of your available memory if you’ve got a phone like the HTC Desire or Google Nexus One.

This is practically the only issue we can raise with Mobile Guard’s performance, though. Everything else is impeccable. If you tire of having to use several different programs merely to ensure your Android device functions without stuttering or slowing down, then this is a must. The fact that it also allows you to keep tabs on data usage and browse your internal file structure is a bonus.


Platform Android
Cost Free
Version 1.1
Developer NetQin

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