How to get a refund from the iTunes App Store

Features 12:08, 31 Oct 2010

We show you the 'hidden' process of getting a refund from the App Store

It could happen to you - if you bought an app or product that doesn't work as described, or if you're using an app with bugs and the developer is no longer supporting it and want a refund, we've put together a simple guide to help you get your money back.

  • First, open iTunes and select the iTunes Store link in the left-hand column
  • Near the top right corner, click the arrow next to your user name (email address) and then select Account
  • About half way down the screen, click the Purchase History button
  • In the bottom portion of the screen, you will see your App Store purchase history -- click the Report a Problem button
  • Locate the iTunes invoice with the application you would like a refund for, and click the Report a Problem link. If the app was bought a while ago, locate it in the Previous Purchases section and click on the expand arrow to bring up the Report a Problem link
  • Fill out the form that follows and be sure to be as detailed as possible -- when finished, click Next

If your reason for requesting a refund is valid, Apple should respond within a few days and process your refund within a week. Remember to not abuse this process - when Apple refunds your money, the developer's commission is lost as well.

Update: Still confused? Check out this video  

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my wife just got scammed £1500 as our 5 year old son was buying 'gems' on a free game aimed at children. cant wait to see how hard apple makes it.

Why didn't you supervise your kid properly? You certainly weren't scammed.

If you can supervise your kids 24/7 then you really need a life
Kids are kids and can do more than you think

My partner keeps having money removed from her Bank Account for apps or what ever and we have no idea where they are coming from and its getting more and more expensive, anyone had this problem before?

I redeemed funds onto my sisters account and she forgot her security questions so now I can't use my funds to purchase music,Apps etc. How do I get my money back?

i think theres a setting where u can block in-app purchases but i agree

This was very helpful -- thanks!

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