Samsung’s Special Edition Galaxy Note 8 Costs Almost $2000


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Samsung has released a Special Edition version of its Galaxy Note 8 handset that is retailing for just shy of $2000. That makes it almost double the price of the iPhone X, so what gives?

Samsung worked with 99 Avant, an artist, who produced 99 special edition Galaxy Note 8 handsets, which are officially called the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Avant Edition – catchy name.

However, the real kicker is that the handset is more or less identical to the standard Galaxy Note 8; the only REAL difference with specs is that the special edition phone comes with 256GB of storage.


Avant 99 has provided a case, some exclusive wallpapers, and a set of new icons for the phone though in case you were worried you weren’t, ahem… getting your money’s worth.

Because of the limited numbers available, it is highly unlikely we’ll see this phone outside Korea, meaning US, UK or Europe release. Still, at over double the price of the normal Galaxy Note 8, I can’t actually see many normal shoppers opting for this model.

I mean, it’s the same phone with some new wallpapers, a case, and some new icons… And none of these things really justify a price of almost $2000. Not in my eyes, anyway.

In the not too distant future, i.e. Q1 2018, Samsung will take the wraps off its new Galaxy S9 which is expected to launch in and around MWC 2018.

For a full breakdown of everything that is known about that handset, make sure you check out our detailed guide to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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