Nokia makes a slew of affordable Android phones. But how well does it support them? Here’s everything you need to know about how many Android updates your Nokia phone will get…

[TL:DR] How Many Android Updates Do Nokia Phones Get?

  • 🔒 Security First: Nokia commits to 3️⃣ years of monthly security updates for Android smartphones released post-July 2020, highlighting a security-centric approach.
  • 📱 Android One & Flagships: Select Nokia flagship and Android One devices may receive 2️⃣-3️⃣ major Android updates, offering a more premium update experience.
  • 👌 Basic Updates for Non-Flagships: Standard Nokia models typically see only 1️⃣ major Android update, reflecting a more modest update policy.
  • 🆚 Market Position: While Nokia excels in security updates, it offers fewer Android version updates compared to update leaders like Google and Samsung.
  • 🌟 Top Choice for Updates: Nokia’s support for its phones is terrible. My advice? Go with either a Pixel phone or one of Samsung’s Galaxy phones – both have vastly superior levels of support.

Nokia ensures that all its Android devices launched after July 2020 get 3 years of monthly security updates which ensures, even if you’re running a slightly older model, providing it was bought post-2020, you will get three years’ worth of security updates.

In terms of Android version updates, Nokia’s approach is not good. Flagship models and those under the Android One program released after September 2021 may be eligible for 2-3 major Android updates. Not ideal. Especially since Samsung and Google now offer 7 years’ worth of Android updates.

For non-flagship Nokia phones it gets even worse with just one major Android update. Are you starting to understand why Nokia phones are so cheap now?

Nokia Update Policy Breakdown by Model

A closer look at Nokia’s update policy reveals how it translates to individual models:

  • Nokia G22 (February 2023): Guaranteed 2 years of security updates, with a likely scenario of receiving 1 major Android update, showcasing Nokia’s balanced approach to mid-range device support.
  • Nokia XR21 (May 2023): Promised 3 years of security updates, and potentially 2-3 major Android updates, highlighting the enhanced support for newer flagship models.
  • Nokia C110 (June 2023): Allocated 2 years of security updates, but unlikely to see any major Android version updates, indicating a focus on basic support for entry-level devices.

Best Nokia Phone For Updates?

For users prioritizing regular security patches and potential access to multiple Android version updates, Nokia’s flagship and Android One devices, such as the Nokia XR21, are the best options right now

But for my advice, I’d advise you to skip the brand altogether and, instead, go with something from Google, Samsung, or OnePlus – all three brands have much, much better support. 

I get that Nokia phones are on the cheaper side, but support should not be sacrificed – it is a big deal. Motorola would be a better option too; its support, while not industry-leading, is still better than Nokia’s. 

Which Android Phone is Best For Android Updates?

OnePLus Android update policyPin

Nokia is not a great brand for Android updates. If you want to be running your phone on the latest software for two or three years, you will need to look elsewhere. 

The security patches, of which you get three years’ worth of support, is a nice touch by HMD, Nokia’s parent company, but I’d like to see more effort in increasing the level of support its users get for Android updates. 

1 to 2 major Android updates per phone places Nokia on the very bottom rung, when it comes to support within the Android market. Even Xiaomi does a better job, and it makes an ungodly amount of phones every year. 

When it comes to the frequency and number of Android version updates, industry leaders like Google and Samsung, with their extended support for flagship devices, still lead the way. And this is why these phones control the most market share – people like their phones to last more than two years!

For those seeking the most comprehensive update support, including both security patches and multiple major Android version updates, flagship models from Google and Samsung remain the top contenders. Personally, I’d give Nokia a wide berth – even if you’re in the market for a cheaper phone.

If you need something cheap and reliable, do yourself a favor and get a Pixel A series phone – the level of support, camera, and performance is leagues ahead of anything in Nokia’s current lineup of phones.

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