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How Much Is My iPhone Worth?

Factors Affecting iPhone Resale Price

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Not all iPhones are looked after in the same way. If you’ve ran yours in a case and taken good care of it, you’ll get a higher price on the resale market. 

Similarly, the newer your iPhone is the higher its resale value. As phones get older, the depreciate. An iPhone 14 will always sell for more than an iPhone 11. 

But if you have any iPhone – regardless of the model, age or condition – you can resell it via recycle companies like SellCell which compares quotes from over 40 of the biggest phone recyclers in the USA. 

Here’s what you need to know about recycling your iPhone and the factors that can – and in most cases will – affect how much you get for yours.

The resale price of an iPhone is influenced by several key factors:

Brand Reputation

iPhones are known for their premium quality and strong brand reputation. This makes them highly desirable to buyers on the secondary market and helps maintain their resale value over time.

Physical Condition

The condition of an iPhone has a significant impact on its resale price. iPhones in mint or good condition can command 20-30% higher prices than those in fair or poor condition. Factors like scratches, dents, cracked screens, and water damage will all decrease the resale value.

Technical Specifications

The technical specs of an iPhone play a big role in its resale price. Newer models with more advanced features and capabilities generally sell for more than older models. Higher storage capacities (128GB, 256GB, etc.) also increase resale value compared to base models. The battery health is another important factor, with iPhones having a higher maximum capacity able to command better prices.

Timing of Sale

When you sell your iPhone affects the price you can get for it. Resale values tend to depreciate more significantly around the time new iPhone models are released by Apple. Selling a few months before a new launch is often the best way to maximize the resale price.

Carrier Compatibility

Whether an iPhone is locked to a specific carrier or unlocked for use on any carrier impacts the resale price. Unlocked iPhones typically sell for more, since they appeal to a wider range of buyers. An iPhone that’s paid off and not tied to any payment plans will also have a higher value.

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