The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is a killer smartphone that packs in a myriad of tech and features. Is it worth a buy in 2024? Hell yes…

Key Takeaways: Why We Love The Galaxy S23 FE

👀 Stunning Display & Design

  • Eye-Catching Aesthetics: With its 6.4-inch OLED display, the S23 FE offers vivid and crisp visuals that are a treat for your eyes.
  • Stand Out with Style: Choose from a variety of bright colors to make a bold statement.
  • Sleek Look, Smart Savings: It mirrors the Galaxy S23’s look, with budget-friendly build materials.

Check out how the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE compares to the Samsung Galaxy S23

🔋 Killer Battery Life

  • All-Day Power: A hefty 4,500 mAh battery keeps you going throughout your busy day without constant recharging.
  • Fast Charging: Spend less time plugged in with advanced charging modes.

📸 Superb Camera Tech

  • Versatile Photography: Offers a great camera with a 3X optical zoom, perfect for social media and content creation.
  • Pro-Quality for All: While it’s not a professional’s first choice, it’s more than sufficient for everyday users.

🌐 Outstanding One UI 6 Experience

  • Ultimate Customization: Make your phone truly yours with endless personalization options in One UI 6.
  • Packed with Features: From productivity tools to wellness apps, it caters to every aspect of your life.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate, making tech-savvy features accessible to everyone.
  • Continual Improvements: Regular updates keep your experience fresh and secure.

🌟 Additional Advanced Features

  • Wireless Charging Ready: Includes both wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.
  • Built Tough: IP68 rating ensures it’s equipped to handle life’s little accidents.

If you don’t want to pay top dollar for a Galaxy S23, your next best bet is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. It’s cheaper, it packs in all the most important bits from the Galaxy S23. And it looks great too. 

Is it worth a buy in 2024? Here’s the six main reasons I’d happily recommend the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE to anyone right now (even with the Galaxy S24’s release date just around the corner). 

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Features

6 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE In 2024Pin

Display and Design: It’s Very Easy On The Eyes

Samsung doesn’t compromise on aesthetics with the S23 FE. It sports a 6.4-inch OLED display, offering crisp and vivid visuals. While the asymmetrical bezels might not appeal to everyone, they are a small trade-off for the display’s quality.

The phone is available in several bright colors, making it a hit among those who want to stand out.

For the most part, it carries over the Galaxy S23’s aesthetic which means it looks more or less the same front on. The build materials aren’t quite as premium (but that’s one of the ways Samsung is able to reduce the cost). 

Physically, the S23 FE is a good-looking phone. And because most people will run it inside a case, no one except the geekiest of geeks will be able to spot the difference between it and the Galaxy S23. 

Killer Battery Life

The 4,500 mAh battery is a game-changer for those on the go. It promises all-day longevity, ensuring that your phone keeps up with your busy schedule. Advanced charging modes mean you won’t be tethered to a charging cable for long.

The Camera Tech is Excellent

While the camera might lag behind its pricier counterpart, the Galaxy S23, it’s a steal for its price. It includes a 3X optical zoom lens and performs decently in various lighting conditions, although it might struggle with night photography.

For social media and even content creation it will be more than enough. For actual pro users – meaning people that make a living from their images and video – you’ll want to look at the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

But for everyone else, the Galaxy S23 FE’s camera will be more than enough.

One UI 6 is The Best Android Skin Around

One UI 6 on the Galaxy S23 FE is like a treasure chest for tech enthusiasts who adore personalizing their gadgets. This software is brimming with features that allow you to tailor your phone to your exact preferences.

Here’s why it’s fantastic:
  • Customization Galore: One UI 6 opens up a world of personalization. You can tweak everything from your home screen layout and theme to the way notifications appear. This means your phone can truly reflect your style and preferences.
  • Feature-Rich: Packed with functionalities, One UI 6 offers everything from advanced productivity tools to wellness features. Whether you’re a busy professional, a gaming aficionado, or a health-conscious individual, there’s something in it for everyone.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Despite having numerous options, One UI 6 is designed to be user-friendly. Features are organized intuitively, making it easier to find and use them even if you’re not a tech wizard.
  • Improved Accessibility: One UI 6 comes with enhanced accessibility features, making the phone more usable for people with different needs. This includes things like high-contrast themes, screen readers, and hearing enhancements.
  • Regular Updates: Samsung is known for rolling out regular updates, which means One UI 6 keeps getting better. These updates often include new features, security enhancements, and performance improvements.
  • Seamless Integration: One UI 6 works seamlessly with other Samsung devices and services. This means if you have other Samsung gadgets, like a tablet or a smartwatch, your experience will be smooth and integrated.

Additional Features: More than Just Basics

The phone doesn’t skimp on the extras. It supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging – a rarity in this price range. Plus, with IP68 water and dust resistance, it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Galaxy S23 FE vs Galaxy S23 – What’s The Difference?

FeatureGalaxy S23Galaxy S23 FE
DesignPolished metal frame, thinner bezelsMatte finish, slightly bulkier
DisplayMore compact, lighter, higher pixel density and brightnessLarger, less pixel-dense display
Fingerprint SensorUltrasonicOptical
DurabilityIP68-rated, Gorilla Glass Victus 2IP68-rated, Gorilla Glass 5
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
BatterySmaller yet more efficient, longer life, faster chargingLarger, less efficient
CameraBetter telephoto lens, higher video capabilitiesSimilar setup, slightly lower performance
Memory and StorageIdentical options, no microSD supportIdentical options, no microSD support
Value PropositionHigher priced, premium featuresMore affordable, budget-friendly

Editor’s Analysis

  • Price: The Galaxy S23 is more expensive, costing £799.99. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 FE is cheaper at £599.99. So, if you’re looking to save some money, the S23 FE is the way to go.
  • Look and Feel: The Galaxy S23 has a fancier look with a polished metal frame and thinner edges around the screen. The S23 FE, on the other hand, has a simpler look with a matte finish and is a bit bulkier.
  • Size and Screen: The S23 is more compact and lighter, making it easier to carry around. It also has a brighter and sharper screen. The S23 FE is a bit larger and heavier, and its screen is not as bright or sharp.
  • Fingerprint Sensor: The S23 has a newer type of fingerprint sensor (ultrasonic), which might be a bit quicker and more reliable. The S23 FE uses an older version (optical).
  • Toughness: Both phones are water and dust resistant, but the S23 is made with tougher glass (Gorilla Glass Victus 2) compared to the S23 FE’s Gorilla Glass 5.
  • Speed and Performance: The S23 has a more powerful processor (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2), making it faster and better for demanding tasks like gaming. The S23 FE has a slightly less powerful processor (Snapdragon 8 Gen 1), but it’s still pretty good for everyday use.
  • Battery Life: The S23 has a smaller battery that lasts longer and charges faster, thanks to its efficiency. The S23 FE has a bigger battery, but it doesn’t last as long and charges more slowly.
  • Camera: Both phones have good cameras, but the S23 has a slightly better zoom lens and can record higher quality videos.
  • Storage Options: Both models offer the same choices for memory and storage, but neither has a slot for a memory card to expand storage.
  • Overall Value: The S23 is more expensive because of its premium features. The S23 FE, though, offers a lot of the same features at a more affordable price, making it a great choice if you’re watching your budget.

From Just £15 Per Month….
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
Great specs, decent camera = killer value for money ✅

Is the Galaxy S23 FE Worth It?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE emerges as a smart choice for budget-conscious tech fans. It balances cost with performance and features, making it a worthy contender in the world of smartphones. While it may not have the refined camera of the Galaxy S23 or the sleek design of higher-end models, its solid build, unique color options, and powerful performance make it a standout choice.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE FAQs

What is the difference between Samsung S23 FE and S23?

  • Price: S23 FE is more affordable than the S23.
  • Design & Build: S23 FE has a matte finish and is slightly bulkier, while S23 features a polished metal frame and thinner bezels.
  • Display: S23 offers a more compact, lighter, and pixel-dense display compared to the S23 FE.
  • Processor: S23 is equipped with a more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, whereas the S23 FE has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
  • Battery: S23 has a smaller but more efficient battery, while the S23 FE has a larger battery.
  • Camera: S23 has a better telephoto lens and higher video recording capabilities.
  • Durability: S23 has tougher Gorilla Glass Victus 2, compared to the Gorilla Glass 5 on the S23 FE.

How much is the S23 FE in the UK?

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in the UK can vary based on retailer and any ongoing promotions. However, it’s generally priced lower than the Galaxy S23. Most retailers tend to stock the phone for around £600 – here’s the latest deals for it right now.

When did Galaxy S23 FE come out?

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE can vary depending on the region. The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE mobile was launched on 4th October 2023.

What does FE stand for Samsung?

In Samsung’s product lineup, “FE” stands for “Fan Edition.” This designation is used for models that offer a balance between high-end features and affordability. The FE versions usually incorporate feedback from users and fans of the brand, aiming to deliver the most desired features at a more accessible price point.

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