Apple is expected to release iOS 18 in 2024. Rumors say it could be the most significant upgrade to iOS in years…

[TL;DR] iOS 18 Update: What You Need To Know

  • 📅 WWDC Reveal: Apple plans to unveil iOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, an event eagerly awaited by technology enthusiasts for the latest software updates and innovations.
  • 🚀 iOS 18 Post-June Release: Following its announcement, iOS 18 is set to launch a few months after the WWDC, bringing new features and improvements to iPhone users around the world.
  • 🧠 AI-Enhanced Siri & Music: iOS 18 will introduce significant AI enhancements to Siri, offering more personalized and intuitive interactions, and to Apple Music, by creating playlists that better match individual tastes and preferences.
  • 🐞 Performance Fixes: Apple is dedicating resources to debug and enhance the performance of iOS 18, addressing previous user complaints about software stability and ensuring a smoother, more reliable user experience.
  • 🔮 Codename “Crystal”: The internal codename “Crystal” for iOS 18 suggests a clear and focused direction in software development, aiming for a transparent and streamlined user interface that enhances overall usability.
  • 🤖 Generative AI Focus: With a strong emphasis on generative AI, iOS 18 is expected to integrate advanced AI technologies, paving the way for innovative features and applications that could transform how users interact with their devices.
  • 🔒 Enhanced Privacy: Recognizing the importance of privacy, especially with the integration of AI features, iOS 18 will incorporate advanced privacy measures to protect user data and ensure responsible AI-related data collection and usage.
  • 🌟 Major 2025 AI Rollout: Looking beyond the immediate release, Apple is planning a significant expansion of AI capabilities in iOS, with a major rollout of new AI features and technologies anticipated in 2025, indicating a long-term commitment to AI innovation.

Apple is expected to release iOS 18 in 2024. That release timeframe is no surprise as Apple has always historically updated iOS every year. However, while iOS 16 and iOS 17 were relatively modest upgrades, the iOS 18 operating system is expected to be one of Apple’s most significant upgrades to iOS in years.

Here’s what we know about iOS 18 so far…

iOS 18: AI Siri Features

It’s not yet known what features iOS 18 will have when it comes to individual apps. But iOS 18 as a whole is expected to have deep intigration with Apple’s generative AI technologies. Apparently, Apple is concerned that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is making the company look like it is falling behind – particularily with its Siri digital assistant. So Apple wants to turbo boost iOS 18 with generative AI capabilities.

A prime target for generative AI capabilities to be baked into the operating system is via Siri. As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported Apple is working on an internal chatbot nicknamed “Apple GPT”, which could see its technologies added to Siri. Per Bloomberg:

“[Apple executive John] Giannandrea is overseeing development of the underlying technology for a new AI system, and his team is revamping Siri in a way that will deeply implement it. This smarter version of Siri could be ready as soon as next year, but there are still concerns about the technology and it may take longer for Apple’s AI features to spread across its product line.”


If Apple does add generative AI capabilities to Siri, it could make the Apple digital assistant a truely useful too instead of the middling assistant we’re all used to.

iOS 18: Other AI Features

But besides an AI Siri, iOS 18 is expcted to bake artificial intelligence tools into other areas of the operating system. Per Gurman:

“[Apple exec Craig] Federighi’s software engineering group, meanwhile, is adding AI to the next version of iOS. There’s an edict to fill it with features running on the company’s large language model, or LLM, which uses a flood of data to hone AI capabilities. The new features should improve how both Siri and the Messages app can field questions and auto-complete sentences, mirroring recent changes to competing services.”


But Apple may beef up more than iOS 18 with AI. Bloomberg’s report also says that the company may add AI tools to its Xcode software, which could help reduce workloads for iOS developers. 

And there’s more: besides Siri, Messages, and Xcode, Bloomberg’s report says Apple wants to add AI to as many of its apps as possible. This includes the Apple Music app and the company’s productivity apps.

iOS 18: Supported Devices

If Apple does add AI to iOS 18 the big question will be which iPhones will support it? In order to run generative AI technologies on a device (as opposed to on servers in the cloud), the device needs to have a powerful chipset. 

Some have speculated that AI in iOS 18 could be limited to next year’s iPhone 16 series with the A18 chipset series only. If so, expect to hear plenty of grief from people who have bought this year’s iPhone 15 Pro series.

iOS 18: Release Date

iOS 18: What You Need To Know [Leaks, Updates & More]Pin

iOS 18 will be officially announced and debuted at WWDC 2024, with a release date following a few months later – likely coinciding with the release of the iPhone 16. 

As for support, most iPhones – from the iPhone X upwards – should be able to run it. Apple killed off support for the iPhone 8 series last year, so the next iPhone on the chopping block would be the iPhone X. 

If you’re running an iPhone X or older, it might be time to start looking at upgrading to a newer model. At this stage, however, it is probably worth waiting to see what happens with Apple’s iPhone 16 series later on this year. 

If you cannot wait that long, the iPhone 15 series is very impressive. You have the Pro and Pro Max models, the flagships, and the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus which are the entry-level models. 

Another option? Save yourself a bunch of cash and pickup a

refurbished iPhone – something like the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14. Both are now considerably cheaper than they were at launch, with discounts ranging from 40% to 50% depending on the model you go for. 

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