Samsung’s next big update to its One UI software – One UI 6.1 – has leaked and it is jam-packed with AI features and new capabilities. Here’s everything you need to know…

TL;DR: Highlights of Samsung’s One UI 6.1 Update 🚀

  • 🎨 AI-Generated Wallpapers: Personalized, AI-crafted designs straight on your screen.
  • 📸 Revolutionary Photo Editing:
    • 🔀 Relocate Objects: Move elements within photos.
    • 🔄 Expand Images: Stretch photos beyond borders.
    • 🔄 Move Subjects: Transfer subjects between images.
  • 📝 Smarter Samsung Notes: Auto-format large texts into bullet points.
  • 🗣️ Live Call Translation: Break language barriers in real-time during calls.
  • 📞 Voice Focus: Enhanced call clarity by filtering out background noise.
  • 🌟 Other Exciting Features: Weather effects, improved battery protection, refined animations, and more.

🌐 The Big Picture: One UI 6.1 is shaping up to be a major leap forward for Samsung, blending AI innovation with user-friendly features. Stay tuned for its debut alongside the Galaxy S24 series! 📱🌟

Google has made a massive push into AI on its Pixel 8 series of phones, making them smarter and more useful. Turns out Samsung is planning on doing something similar with the next installment of One UI, One UI 6.1.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s expected, based on leaks from a source known as Benit Bruhner Pro on X. Of course, this is a “leak” so take everything with a pinch of salt – things can and do change before new software is released. And leakers have been known to get things wrong as well.

Either way, if this latest One UI 6.1 leak turns out to be legit the next installment could be one of most interesting (and useful) we’ve seen from Samsung to date…

Samsung One UI 6.1 Update Features (Rumored)

One UI 6 UpdatePin

AI-Generated Wallpapers

Samsung seems to be taking a page out of Google’s playbook, particularly from the Pixel 8 series. The upcoming One UI 6.1 is speculated to introduce AI-generated wallpapers, allowing users to personalize their screens with unique, AI-crafted designs. And Samsung is already working on its own ChatGPT alternative too, in the form of Samsung GAUSS.

New Photo Editing Capabilities

  • Relocate Objects: Imagine being able to shift objects within a photo or even extend the image beyond its original borders. This AI-driven feature promises to redefine photo editing.
  • Move Subjects: Samsung is also expected to enable users to transport subjects from one image to another effortlessly.

Samsung Notes Makeover

The Samsung Notes app is in for an upgrade, with AI set to auto-format large text blocks into concise bullet points, mirroring Google’s summarize feature in the Recorder app.

Transformative Call Features

  • Live Translate for Calls: Breaking language barriers, this feature aims to offer real-time translations during phone calls, making communication seamless across languages.
  • Voice Focus: To enhance call clarity, One UI 6.1 may introduce a feature to filter out background noise, similar to Google’s Clear Calling on Pixel phones.

The Full Rundown of Leaked Features

  • AI-Generated Wallpapers
  • Weather and Portrait Effects for Lock Screen
  • Advanced Photo Editing: Relocate Objects, Expand Scenes, Move Subjects
  • Samsung Notes: Auto-Format for Readability
  • Live Call Translation
  • Enhanced Sticker and Drawing Editing
  • Voice Isolation in Noisy Environments
  • Improved Battery Protection and Customization
  • Refined Animations

One UI 6.1 Release Date

As for when One UI 6.1 will be getting a release date, most sources right now – including the leaker behind this post’s information – believe it will drop at some point in Q1 2024, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

Given the One UI 6 is now only just rolling out, that’d kind of make sense. As for the update itself, I’ll admit it does sound very, very impressive.

AI is the latest buzzword / trend right now. Everybody is doing it, investing in it, and bundling it into their products. Okay, everybody except Apple. 

The ideal that Samsung will bring a host of additional AI components to One UI isn’t surprising. The important thing is whether they’re actually useful in practice. 

AI generated wallpapers will be popular, wallpapers tend to be. Live Call Translation could be brilliant if executed properly, and having more advanced photo editing tools could potentially be a huge deal. 

Overall, this sounds like a pretty huge update. I wouldn’t be surprised, given the breadth and pitch of One UI 6.1, if Samsung opted to skip the 6.1 branding and move straight to One UI 7 with this one. 

It feels like a big deal, something that kind of lends itself to a brand new numerical attribute rather than an incremental decimal update. 

Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments section below… 

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