If you’re looking for an Android phone that gets the best support and the most Android updates, you have just five phones to choose from in 2024…

TL;DR – The Best Android Phones For Android OS Updates

Here are the only five smartphones you can buy right now that get 7 years’ worth of Android updates. Make no mistake, this level of support is a HUGE USP, so if you’re due an upgrade soon you will want to keep it locked to the phones below.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy S24
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Google Pixel 8 Phones

  • Google Pixel 8
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro

Which Should You Get?

The Pixel 8 is the one to go for if you like value for money. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 and S24+ offer more performance and nicer design, and the S24 Ultra is the one to get if you want the best of the best for EVERYTHING in 2024.

Android fragmentation is a thing that plagues the vast majority of Android phones on the market. Something like 90% of active Android phones are NOT running the latest build of Google’s OS.

Whereas with iPhone, nearly every active iPhone is now up and running on the latest build of iOS. Google is attempting to do something about this and, with the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung is too – but only on its latest models.

What does this mean? It means that if you want your next Android phone to get 7 years’ worth of Android updates, you’re effectively limited to either a Pixel phone or Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series phones.

No other phone company, save for Apple with its iPhone, provides this level of support for Android OS updates. OnePlus is doing better than most; its OnePlus 11 – and OnePlus 12 – will get five years of Android updates. But that’s still two years behind Google and Samsung.

Android Phones With 7 Years of Android OS Updates

Phone ModelNumber of Android OS UpdatesStarting Price on Contract
Samsung Galaxy S247 yearsFrom £45 pm
Samsung Galaxy S24+7 yearsFrom £50 pm
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra7 yearsFrom £55 pm
Google Pixel 87 yearsFrom £33 pm
Google Pixel 8 Pro7 yearsFrom £35 pm

Google Pixel 8 Series

pixel 8 and pixel 8 pro buyers guidePin

With AI smarts baked in and the cleanest Android skin on the market, there is a lot to like about Google’s Pixel 8 phones. Not only are they cheaper than Samsung’s S24 range, but they’re also just as capable where it counts: camera tech, build quality, battery life, and AI smarts.

The Pixel 8 Pro stands out as the flagship of the series. It’s the epitome of Google’s technological prowess, boasting the most sophisticated camera system, cutting-edge features, and a powerhouse of performance. Delve into its full range of specs to see how it outshines its sibling, the Pixel 8, and how it stacks up in the broader smartphone market.

Aimed to rival heavyweights like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Pixel 8 Pro is a titan in the tech world. With 7 years of Android OS and security updates, its appeal skyrockets, especially considering its price point. If you’re the kind of person who demands the best in tech, the Pixel 8 Pro is a worthy investment that promises to keep pace with your life for years to come.

Key Features of the Pixel 8 Series:

  • Unmatched Performance: Both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are powered by Google’s latest Tensor chipset, ensuring blazing-fast, efficient performance for all your needs.
  • Revolutionary Camera Systems: The Pixel 8 Pro, in particular, features an advanced camera setup with Super Res Zoom and improved Night Sight, while the Pixel 8 also offers exceptional photographic capabilities.
  • AI-Enhanced Experiences: From real-time translation to intelligent battery management, the Pixel 8 series harnesses AI to tailor your phone experience to your lifestyle.
  • Crisp and Vivid Displays: The Pro model boasts a stunning QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, while the Pixel 8 offers a vibrant Full HD+ screen, both ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Final DesignPin

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series bets big on AI, with the inclusion of Galaxy AI. Arguably one of the biggest updates Samsung has made to its phone in years, Galaxy AI brings the power of generative AI and machine learning to all of the models in the range.

Of course, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the flagship model. It has the best camera module, the most advanced features, and the most potent engine under the hood. Check out the full extent of its specs and how it compares to the rest of the S24 range for a broader view of the series.

Designed to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the S24 Ultra is a beast of a phone – and with 7 years of Android support, even its higher price tag starts to look better. You will pay top dollar for this phone, but I’d argue – for certain types of users – it will be money well spent.

Key Features of The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series:

  • Improved performance: All models are powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, delivering smooth and powerful performance for even the most demanding tasks.
  • Enhanced cameras: The Ultra model boasts an impressive quad-camera system with 10x optical zoom, while the S24 and S24+ still offer excellent camera capabilities.
  • AI-powered features: Samsung has integrated various AI features across the series, improving photography, battery management, and overall user experience.
  • Bright and immersive displays: All models feature Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays with 120Hz refresh rates for a smooth and vibrant viewing experience.

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